Cameron Daddo’s surprise return to Home and Away

“I’ll be back”
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Home and Away’s Cameron Daddo, 55, was an actor who enjoyed a rare opportunity to play not one but two characters on the beloved soap.

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After his original character, Evan was killed off, Cameron came back to in a shock twist as Evan’s secret twin brother Owen.

Alas, Owen’s time wasn’t to last. Following a romance with Roo Stewart (played by Georgie Parker) he too, departed Summer Bay.

And although the curtain seemingly has fallen on Cameron’s time in Summer Bay, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a clue that the actor may still appear in future.

Cameron Daddo Georgie Parker
Could Cameron Daddo (pictured with Georgie Parker) be returning to the sandy shores of Summer Bay? (Credit: Channel Seven)

In a resurfaced Instagram post that was shared after Cameron’s second exit from the show, the actor dropped a very telling hint his stint may not be over just yet.

Cameron had shared a goodbye message from his on-screen love interest, Georgie Parker, who had written “Miss this one”.

But it was the former Perfect Match host’s caption that really whipped fans into a frenzy.

“Surfing somewhere in the coast of Australia…” he wrote, before teasing: “I’ll be back!”

Cameron Daddo home and away
Home and Away fans are convinced of his return as a resurfaced Instagram post was captioned “I’ll be back”. (Credit: Instagram)

In an interview with WHO last year, Cameron admitted that his close friendship with Georgie was one of the reasons he originally decided to sign up for the gig.

“Georgie Parker and I worked together on a show called Scorched a few years ago and became friends from that,” he said.

 “So the opportunity to work with her again was really exciting. This is what it’s about; it’s about going to work and enjoying doing the work with people that I know who are really good – so it was a bit of a no-brainer.”

So could Owen/Evan/ another Cameron Daddo-related be headed back to the Bay? Watch this space!

Cameron Daddo Lukas Radovich
Cameron with his on-screen son Lukas Radovich, who plays Ryder. (Credit: Instagram)

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