Brooke Blurton SLAMS ‘aggressive’ Channel Ten producers in explosive interview

Brooke does not hold back
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The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise star has slammed Channel Ten producers and their shocking treatment of contestants in an explosive new tell-all with WHO magazine. 

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While most of us are aware that there isn’t a huge aspect of ‘reality’ when it comes to reality television, what we didn’t know was that the alleged treatment of the girls in the house – and the ‘characters’ they are persuaded to play – can have serious effects on the contestants mental health, something that former Bachelor girl Brooke Blurton explained. 

Sitting down with WHO magazine, Brooke – an indigenous woman who is proudly bisexual – said they wanted her to play “the angry black girl”.  

The sweet-natured Blurton claims that when she didn’t bow to the pressure of the producers, they became ‘aggressive’.

“Obviously, they’re making a TV show and you hear that quite often. You’re basically characters in a show and you have to conform to be that character. If you don’t conform, they [producers] are quite aggressive with how they speak to you. I didn’t necessarily conform… and the manipulation is definitely there.

“I think they wanted me to be the angry black girl, but I was not that. I think they wanted me to step up and be controversial on camera in front of the girls which I don’t think is right. That’s not how I deal with confrontation. They stick you in these environments that are very testing and trying. You know, late nights, early mornings. It’s chaotic.”

(Credit: Channel Ten)

In her interview – which focuses on the reality of reality tv as well as mental health – the brunette beauty said that her decision to reveal Nick Cummins’ true intentions on The Bachelor was met with hostility from the former rugby player. 

(Credit: Channel Ten)

“I only reached out to him when Paradise was airing, giving him a courtesy call to let him know that I was going to tell people what he said,” Brooke told WHO magazine. “That was not a nice conversation, but I thought I was being courteous. He thought I was being spiteful. He came across a bit rude.” 

Let’s hope the treatment of reality TV stars gets better after this. 

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