Brent Vitiello’s brutal message for Daniel Holmes ahead of their boxing bout

"He can take all the steroids in the world"
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Brent Vitiello and Daniel Holmes’ boxing match may not be until October, but the verbal sparring has already begun.

WATCH: Brent Vitiello spills on boxing match with Daniel Holmes

On Tuesday evening, Brent slammed rival Daniel as a “keyboard warrior” who he’s never liked.

When asked by The Wash how the impending fight came about, Brent claimed Daniel was looking for an opponent after backing down from a fight with co-star Mitch Eynaud.
Brent Vitiello
Brent slammed rival Daniel as a “keyboard warrior” who he’s never liked. (Credit: Instagram)

“He’d already backed down from Mitch because Mitch was a professional boxer. Mitch was calling him out, trying to get him to fight but he wouldn’t do it. Then he posted [on social media] that he wouldn’t fight anyone from our season.

“So I took it upon myself to step in I guess.”

When asked if he and Daniel have any animosity, Brent responded: “I’ve never liked him, I don’t now I probably won’t later.”

“I’m not going to sit there and talk smack like he has – I’m not a keyboard warrior.”

Daniel Holmes
Daniel shared this photoshopped image to Instagram highlighting their height difference. (Credit: Instagram)

“I’m not going to keep photos of him like he does with me in his camera roll so he can make cute little photos if that makes him feel bigger about himself,” he added, referencing a photoshopped image Daniel shared on Instagram highlighting their height difference.

“He can take all the steroids in the world he wants to take,” he added, seemingly in response to Daniel’s recent admission that he was once addicted to performance enhancing drugs.

“I just don’t care. I’ll keep it classy, I’ve still got a business and stuff to run but we’ll talk in the ring.”

The rival reality stars engaged in trash talk on Instagram over the weekend, with Daniel saying: “Brent is literally the only person from this season of MAFS that I just am not a fan of.”

Daniel Holmes
Daniel clapped back by making fun of Brent’s influencing career. (Credit: Instagram)

“Even after the show aired this guy was making [Instagram] live videos… asking his followers if they have any dirt on me and asking for naked photos of me, and it’s like who is this guy?”

“Why are you so obsessed with me, bro? Like it’s insane.”

Daniel went on to say Brent’s onscreen wife Tamara Djordjevic didn’t want didn’t want anything to do with him because he made it “very evident behind the scenes that you just couldn’t wait for your influencer career moving forward.”

“And, hey, look who’s announced he’s a full-time influencer now? So look, bro, October 17, let’s do it.”

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