Bindi Irwin: Inside my special day – and big baby news

She opens up about wedding plans and her father’s legacy
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With her big day just month’s away, Steve Irwin’s daughter, Bindi, 21, talks wedding plans, her father’s legacy and her biggest fear.

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Some people grow up in the spotlight but you were born into it.

A That’s true! The cameras were rolling when my beautiful mum [Terri Irwin] gave birth to me. My poor mum! Dad was filming some crocodiles when suddenly Mum went into labour. So Dad just invited the entire film crew to come and capture the moment.

Producing wildlife shows must constantly remind you of your dad?

It does always bring me back to those times because that’s what we always did as a family; film, travel and do our wildlife conservation work. With [our TV show] Crikey! It’s the Irwins, we have so many clips of Dad woven throughout the show.

Bindi Irwin wedding
With her big day just month’s away, Steve Irwin’s daughter, Bindi, 21, talks wedding plans, her father’s legacy and her biggest fear. (Credit: Getty)

Your family seem fearless. Does anything scare you?

I’ve never been scared of saltwater crocodiles or snakes or spiders. But I’m terribly afraid of wasps and I think it’s because I can’t read them. With a crocodile, you can tell when they’re going to strike.

Your dad died so tragically. Does filming reopen old emotional scars?

The best way to describe it is no matter how long it’s been, or what’s happened in your
life, grief walks beside you. Eventually you have to accept the fact a piece of your heart will always be missing – and then you can find happiness again. For us, as a family, we’ve always chosen to remember Dad’s life and legacy.

Has knowing your dad won’t be walking you down the aisle played on your mind?

Oh my goodness, all the time. When I got engaged [to fiancé, Chandler Powell] it was a really emotional time and I know that on my wedding day I’ll be emotional because I really wish Dad could be there.

Bindi Irwin wedding
Bindi said when she got engaged to fiancé Chandler Powell it was a very emotional time. (Credit: Getty)

Is it true your brother robert will walk you down the aisle?

That’s right.

How do you think you’ll emotionally handle that moment?

I think it’s going to be tough, but Robert is very strong and he’ll help me hold it together. He takes everything so seriously and always does such a good job with everything. He’s wonderful.

Will he make a speech?

I think so – it would be wonderful for him to share a few words. And I’m excited to involve so many close people in my life in our wedding day, because it’s about celebrating our love but also about celebrating everybody who’s helped us to get to this point in our lives.

How are you planning to incorporate your dad’s memory?

I’m trying to decide, but he’ll absolutely be involved with the ceremony and the reception. And, gosh, I wish he could physically be there for the day, but I think that he’ll be there
in spirit.

Bindi Irwin wedding
Bindi said that her brother Robert will walk her down the aisle. (Credit: Getty)

And have you worked out a way to incorporate crocodiles?

We all keep joking that our first thing as man and wife will be feeding the crocodiles. Or maybe we’ll walk down the aisle to Elton John’s ‘Crocodile Rock’.

The one dark spot on your big day is the conflict between some of your family members. How do you cope with that?

I like to approach life with the philosophy of unconditional love. So if I can find that love and might in my own heart, then everything else will be.

And once the honeymoon is over, will you be thinking about the next generation of Irwin conservationists?

Absolutely. One day it’d be special to have my own little wildlife warriors! I think it’s
a way away right now, but if and when it does happen, I can guarantee you they’ll have their own khaki because khaki is not just the colour, it’s an attitude.

And how many wildlife warriors would you like?

We’ll take over the world and make a difference together! I’m excited. I have a lot of hopes for the future.

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