Biggest Loser scandal: Why Michelle and Commando REALLY left the show

The shocking truth fans never saw coming

Rumours began swirling when the news broke Michelle Bridges and Steve ‘The Commando’ Willis wouldn’t be returning to the new season of weight-loss show The Biggest Loser.

And now New Idea can exclusively reveal that tensions between 46-year-old Michelle and the show’s cast and crew reached boiling point during the 2015 season.

She hardly ever came out of her trailer,’ an on-set insider says of the trainer.

‘She was constantly grumpy and thought she was too good for the show. She was always talking about how successful she is and that the franchise relied on her star power to stay strong in the ratings.’

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However, when the 10th season of The Biggest Loser failed to gain ratings, Channel Ten realized they needed to completely overhaul the show.

The revamped format is now titled The Biggest Loser: Transformed, and, according to reports, Michelle and her partner Steve, 40, ‘opted not to take part in the latest season’.

But the TV insider says there’s more to the story.

‘There was a pretty long-running feud between Michelle and the other trainers,’ the source explained.

‘It was always her and Steve versus them. They ganged up on everyone and helped each other’s teams.’

This season, Shannan Ponton has returned to the show,
along with Bondi-based trainer Libby Babet.

For the full story, see this week’s New Idea – out now.

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