SPOILER ALERT: Bachelorette winners revealed

Two men are head and shoulders above the rest!
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The Bachelorette has only just kicked off, but Elly and Becky’s winners have already been leaked. Be warned, a spoiler alert is now in action.

WATCH BELOW: Becky and Elly Miles take on the Who Couples Challenge

Unlike previous years, there are two Bachelorettes looking for love. And just to clarify, it’s one guy each.

Whether you’re a fan of betting or not, we can’t deny that they tend to get it right every year and two men are leading the way, even at this early stage.

Former Bachelor fave Elly, 26, was taken by a few guys, but at this point the man most likely to win her heart is handsome Frazer Neate – a 28-year-old concreter from Queensland. 

Frazer has the odds in his favour with Sportsbet placing him at 1.35 whilst TAB have him at 1.15.

Sparks flew from the get-go with Elly remarking at their first meeting: “Frazer… he is gorgeous! Physically, hello Christmas!”

Elly was getting the hots for Frazer as soon as he arrived at the mansion. (Credit: Ten)

As for big sister Becky, 30, she’s been tipped to pick 34-year-old Pete Mann at the end of the series.

The Adelaide cafe owner has impressive odds from both Sportsbet and TAB at 1.35 and 1.15, respectively.

And after the steamy outback themed photo shoot, sparks were certainly flying between the pair.

The couple even shared a steamy kiss behind a hat leaving Becky “lost for words.”

Sparks were flying at the photo shoot. (Credit: Ten)

One thing we can guarantee is that Elly and Becky will never go for the same guy.

Though they’re into someone with the same values, the Miles girls have made a pact to say no to conflict.

“Our main thing coming into this as we were in discussions was we didn’t want there to be any kind of drama between us,” Elly, 26, told The Daily Telegraph.

“We knew there wouldn’t have been any drama on our end but we wanted to make sure that was across the board, that we would have a wholesome story unfold and no bull***. We were reassured that they wanted us to find love.”

There won’t be any drama between the Miles sisters. (Credit: Ten)

“There were a few times where maybe both of us thought someone was cute,” Becky previously told New Idea.

“But then one of us would be like, ‘I want to pursue something.’ So when Elly would say that to me, I was like, ‘Yeah go get it, girl!’”

Elly added that she’s never taken a liking to anyone her sister has dated.

“I just automatically put them in the ‘brother basket’ because that’s what they’d be to me. I’d never be like, ‘Oh, I’m going to see if I can get in myself,’” Elly added.

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