The jaw-dropping figure Brooke Blurton is being paid for Bachelorette LEAKED

We certainly wouldn't turn our noses up at this.
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Our Bachelors and Bachelorettes stand to find more than just love when joining the famous reality series.

They’re also paid for their appearance – some more than others.

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This year fans will see an exciting first for the franchise with Brooke Blurton being named the Bachelorette in a mixed gender season of the show.

The Noongar-Yamatji woman revealed in 2019 she had turned down the offer to become the show’s leading lady after her stint on Nick “Honey Badger” Cummin’s season.

However, Brooke has since changed her mind, much to our delight, and is set to receive a hefty pay packet as a result.

Brooke’s hefty pay packet has been leaked. (Credit: Instagram)

According to PerthNow the social worker turned reality star is said to be earning $250,000 for her appearance.

The publication also reported Brooke wanted to use the money to help support her family.

As the dating series’ first Indigenous and bisexual lead, Brooke’s appearance will make history.

Considering it is 2021, it’s a move that really should have been made years ago and by now, should be considered the status quo.

Brooke is breaking ground. (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking exclusively to TV WEEK following the announcement she would be 2021’s Bachelorette, Brooke said that’s exactly how she wants to be portrayed – as “just Brooke.”

“There’s a lot of titles being thrown around and whatever people want to categorise me as, that’s on them but obviously I introduce myself as Brooke, not Bi Brooke or Aboriginal Brooke,” she told TV WEEK.

“I think we’re moving into a much more progressive time now that we just, we don’t really need them [labels].”

“There’s no denying that this is a very different season and I’m excited that I’m that person.” (Credit: Instagram)

The fact she is breaking ground, however, isn’t lost on her.

“There’s no denying that this is a very different season and I’m excited that I’m that person,” she tells us.

“I’ve always been very, very proud and very protective of my culture and the LGBTIQA+ community, but I think it’s time, it’s ready, I’m ready.”

“I don’t want to make it a big thing. I know it’s a big thing in itself but I think where times are at we’re progressive now.”

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