Pia Miranda’s regrets: I will never do another reality show again

The actress shared her thoughts following her Australian Survivor win.
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She made her fame as Josie in Looking For Alibrandi, and now Pia Miranda can add Sole Survivor to her pedigree.

Last night, Pia was crowned winner of Australia Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders in a landslide victory of 9-0.

However the 46-year-old, who was a fan favourite from the outset, has vowed to never do another reality TV show.

“I would never do another reality show … never. I came in, I went hard and I bailed,” she told Confidential.

WATCH: The moment Pia Miranda wins Survivor Australia 2019

Pia also joked that she “probably won’t work as an actor again” and that the $500,000 cash prize would come in handy.

The actress left friends and family shocked when she signed on to Australian Survivor – which saw her competing in various challenges against 23 people on a remote island in Fiji while surviving on basic rations for 50 days.

The mother-of-one told Confidential that she went into the competition with her own reservations.

“I was scared about exposing myself,” she said.

“I definitely felt when I went out there that I had more to lose professionally than to gain.”

Competing alongside athletes and people who were more experienced also left her feeling intimidated when she initially arrived at the island.

“Times were tough,” she said. “I really had to work hard to survive that first bit. Being short and a mum, not an athlete, I am pretty fit in my normal life but around those professional athletes, it was a struggle to not be seen as the weak link. I promised myself that in every challenge I wouldn’t give up and I didn’t. I had to fight really hard.”

Pia Miranda wins Australian Survivor 2019
Pia Miranda was crowned winner of Australia Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders in a landslide victory of 9-0. (Credit: Channel 10)

However, Pia conceded that she was happy with the result.

“I am feeling relieved and excited and happy that I played hard and did what I said I was going to do,” she told Confidential.

“I left my family and promised if I was going to leave them for this amount of time, I was going to go out there and try to win and that is what I did. And so I can definitely hold my head high in that respect.”

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