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Pia Miller’s leaked angry text hints at nasty split with ex-fiancé

Pia is ANGRY!
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It seems as though that rumoured ‘amicable’ split between Pia Miller and her ex-fiancé Tyson Mullane was anything but civil, as new photos showing a very lengthy and angry text straight from Pia’s phone suggest that things have become far messier than we all thought. 

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The Daily Mail has obtained photos depicting an angry text being sent to an unknown ‘someone’ straight form Pia’s phone, and the evidence seems to point towards Tyson. 

Only some of the text can be seen, but from what we can make out we know that whoever Pia plans on sending this text to is not in her good books. 

“I was so hurt when I heard that you were badmouthing me – it propelled me into a state of complete disassociation and contempt,” the text reads.  

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Pia writes also writes that the whole situation has been ‘hard’, and while the rest of the message is difficult to decipher, we can see one particularly awful paragraph where the model details some this ‘mysterious’ betrayal. 

“I appreciate that you followed it up and sought to rectify it – but I did too and she swears that you were indeed saying that I was a psycho and that you… “dodged a bullet” at Orchard St.” 

That seems like a text to an ex if you ask us…

To see the photos for yourself click HERE! 

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