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Commando Steve’s emotional post-split confession

The dad-of-four shared a rare personal insight.
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Steve “Commando” Willis rarely speaks about his personal life, but the former Biggest Loser trainer has shared some insights about how he is navigating parenting following his split from partner Michelle Bridges.

WATCH BELOW: Commando Steve admits he used exercise to ‘punish’ himself

The 44-year-old dad and ambassador for parenting non-profit organisation Karitane is dad to Brianna, 21, Ella, 12, and Jack, nine and Axel, four, the latter of whom he shares with his ex-partner and former Biggest Loser co-star Michelle.

In a chat with the Daily Telegraph, Steve revealed that he sees his children every other weekend and “through the week where I can”.

“My children are their mother and me and (you need) to be mindful of that part within them and talk of the other parent in a positive light, because otherwise children start to question their identity,” he said of co-parenting.

“You want them to focus on just being the age that they are. There is enough pressure these days with all the different outlets and social media and the like.”

Steve is a proud dad-of-four and shares his youngest with ex, Michelle Bridges. (Credit: Instagram)

The dad-of-four added that his children have taught him a lot over the years.

“My children have been my greatest teachers. They have taught me a lot about life and things that I felt fell short for me when I was younger,” he confessed.

“Many years ago I questioned how I was as just a human being, a male walking this earth, what I thought of myself and how I interacted with others in different environments and roles that I engage with, and most importantly that intimate role that I play with my children.”

“My children have been my greatest teachers.” (Credit: Paul McMillan)

Steve and Michelle ended their relationship in January after six years together, following Michelle’s arrest for drink driving.

The former military man has since moved on with Harika Vancuylenberg, an F45 gym trainer who caught his eye after attending his fitness retreat in Tahiti in November last year.

Friends said that their chemistry was “undeniable” and upon returning to Sydney, Steve and Harika kept in touch, and reunited once Steve was officially single.

“They have a lot in common – training, healthy lifestyles, both single parents – and [they] just really enjoy each other’s company,”a friend told New Idea in February. 

Steve with his youngest son, Axel. (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Michelle made her own confession about life as a single parent on Instagram.

The fitness trainer and entrepreneur bought son Axel his own cavoodle puppy named Banjo, but said it hadn’t all been smooth sailing.

Posting a photo of a sleeping Axel with Banjo beside him, Michelle penned: “Ok. I’ve been questioning myself, being a single parent, trying to run businesses, trying to give my son the most grounded wonderful life and run a household, as to what the $&@! I was thinking getting a puppy?!?!??!!!?? This photo answers it.”

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