EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Mauboy & Jason Derulo tell all about the new season of The Voice Australia

The pair are going all out to secure their dream teams!
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Even though he’s only just sat down in it, The Voice Australia’s newest coach, Jason Derulo, is feeling right at home in his spinning red chair. 

“Australians are my favourite people in the world!” the US singer, who has replaced Keith Urban tells New Idea. 

“I love their optimism and bright bubbly nature. I’ve been getting used to the Aussie slang, like the first ‘tradie’ I met in the Blind Auditions.”

WATCH NOW: The Voice Australia 2023 Teaser Trailer. Article continues after video. 

Helping Jason get the lay of the land Down Under are his fellow coaches, Aussie superstars Jessica Mauboy and Guy Sebastian, along with British pop sensation Rita Ora. 

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Here, Jess and Jason fill us in on everything that’s been happening on set, and what surprises we can expect from the season ahead…

Jess and Jason said they had been “blown away” by the talent so far (Credit: Channel Seven)

Welcome to Australia Jason, and welcome back Jess! How have you both found filming this season? 

Jason: Good. I’ve been getting my feet wet, so to speak! I’m the new guy in town. My motto has always been “honesty first.” How can I help the artist and leave them with advice and tools that can help take them where they want to go. 

Jess: For me, it’s the talent and diversity of artists that keeps me coming back. I also love the mentoring role as a coach and seeing artists step outside their comfort zone and breakthrough. 

Jess, Jason’s arrival on the show comes off the back of Keith leaving. Were you sad to see him go?

Jess: Very much so. We created an incredible bond [last year]. The coaches hung out in the green room together and rode on buggies together. We’re so humbled to have Jason though – he is such a ball of fire and energy. He’s a smooth talker but comes from a very musical background. His knowledge and advice is strong. He’s got game! 

Jason is taking over from coach Keith Urban who took a step back from the show to be with his family (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

On that note Jason, what was it about the show that inspired you to get involved – other than getting to live in Australia for a few months?

Jason: The Voice is interesting because you’re only listening to the artist’s delivery of a song. We are purely judging them on “can they deliver a message?.”‘

It’s like listening to the radio. I think that’s really cool. It’s so different. It’s been a lot of fun to watch over the years, now being a part of it is pretty amazing. The fact it’s in one of my favourite places in the world is just the cherry on top!

Tell us about the Blind Auditions so far. 

Jess: They’ve been full of high energy and emotion. There have been some heartfelt stories about where the singer has come from and what has brought them to The Voice stage. 

The talented duo have released a single together (Credit: Instagram)

What are you each looking for in a winner?

Jess: This year is going to set the bar for years to come. It’s very exciting. I’m looking for someone who can become the artist they always wanted – performing on stage, writing songs for radio, and other music platforms. I’m looking forward to stacking Team Jess up with incredible performers. 

Jason: When you’re trying to land a spot in today’s music industry, you’ve got to bring something new to the table. I went in with really high expectations and can say with total confidence that they’ve already been met. Australia really does have some world-class talent!

You guys worked together on Jess’ new song, ‘Give You Love’, which is out this week. Tell us about that….

Jess: We had such an incredible time collaborating. It’s really special and we can’t wait for everyone to enjoy it!

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