Anthony Callea confirms he and his husband Tim Campbell won’t remarry in Australia

The former idol gets very honest.

Australian singer Anthony Callea has been married to actor Tim Campbell for three years, however, when asked if the couple would remarry on our shores if same-sex marriage is legalized, he confirmed he is not interested in the idea.


While the 34-year-old is happily in love, he told Kiis FM’s Kyle and Jackie O,

‘We are married and we see our relationship just as valid as anyone else’s and to our friends and to our family and to the people who are close to us, we are seen as a married couple,’ he said.

‘No we’re not going to get married again,’ he continued.

Callea and Campbell, 42, met in 2008 and have since been in a loving relationship.

In 2016, the couple purchased a 3-bedroom Melbourne apartment. It is estimated by The Australian that they paid $1,165,000 for the 20th floor home.

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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