Angie Kent slams Bachelor ex-flame Ciarran Stott as a “narcissist”

“Remember… narcissists that’s what they do.”
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Bachelorette star Angie Kent has taken yet another swipe at her previous spark Ciarran Stott, calling him a “narcissist” on her Nova podcast Two Girls One Pod.

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Talking with her co-host Yvie Jones, the pair discussed Ciarran’s “love bombing” techniques that he used on Angie’s season of The Bachelorette.

“He’s a narcissist at the end of the day,” she said.

“He knows how to love bomb the s**t out of you. Great television Ciarran, like you’re never gonna listen to this because you’re a narcissist. But great television.”

“He doesn’t give a s**t what I say. But he’s great, he’s a love bomber, he’s addictive. He will say whatever he wants to get what he wants.”

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The latest digs followed the announcement that Ciarran will be a contestant on the upcoming television series The Challenge, alongside former love interests Jessica Brody and Kiki Morris who were also on The Bachelor.

“He’ll win Jess and Kiki back over,” Angie claimed. But she gave Jessica and Kiki some girl advice “remember… narcissists that’s what they do.”

“Let’s hope…that Kiki and Jess team up and absolutely bollock him. That would be the best TV I’ve ever seen to see two women who got scorned by one man come together and do their damnedest to get revenge on national TV,” Yvie responded.

However, Angie remained doubtful that the girls would seek revenge.

Angie Kent
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Angie’s attitude towards the television ‘bad boy’ changed after seeing a very different side to him on Bachelor in Paradise where he disrespected women and blamed his actions on the “bro code.”

“Sorry Straya! If I knew sooner I would’ve sent him and his hype man home second episode when I sent old mate politician home, because NO ONE f**ks with my sisterhood,” she said in response to a meme mocking Ciarran.

It will be intriguing to see what character Ciarran will illustrate on The Challenge, after Angie said he has “ruined his beautiful reputation.” 

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