All you need to know about the “sassy” Princess Charlotte

Cheeky yet adorable!
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Princess Charlotte is Kate Middleton and Prince William’s only girl and is the middle child in the Wales family. She is known for her fashion-forward outfits, just like her mother, as well as her cheeky yet adorable personality.

Charlotte’s sassy attitude has been obvious since she was very young and Princess Catherine has previously described her as “the one in charge.” Royal commentator Katie Nicholl has even revealed to The Mirror that she is far more confident than her two brothers.

“Charlotte is the most buoyant and outgoing of the three Cambridge children. It’s that strength of character that will stand her in good stead when she’s older,” she said.

prince louis, princess charlotte and prince george on the balcony at buckingham palace, all pulling the same face
It seems as though they all copy each other! (Credit: Getty)

The princess shares a close bond with her brothers, however, she is also known to be quite protective over her younger brother Louis, no matter how much he tries to copy her…

In 2021, Prince William shared the family’s happy morning ritual of dancing around the house and listening to music.

“Charlotte, particularly, is running around the kitchen in her dresses and ballet stuff and everything,” he shared on a special Christmas episode of Apple Fitness+’s Time to Walk. “She goes completely crazy with Louis following her around trying to do the same thing.”

kate middleton and prince william holding baby princess charlotte
Princess Charlotte was born at St Mary’s Hospital in London. (Credit: Getty)

What is Princess Charlotte’s real name?

Princess Charlotte of Wales’ full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Her name received the blessing of both Queen Elizabeth and King Charles before her name was made public due to its touching tribute to past family members.

Charlotte’s full name pays tribute to Charles, Kate’s great-grandmother Elizabeth, the late Queen Elizabeth II, and William’s late mother, Princess Diana. Days after the birth of Princess Charlotte, Vanity Fair reported that it took two days for Kate and Wills to decide on the name.

“It reminds us of how much Diana still means to William and the memory of his mother,” the Editor of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward, told Vanity Fair at the time. “The Queen perhaps feels that Diana hasn’t been acknowledged enough, and this is a wonderful way of doing so.”

A photograph of Princess Charlotte, taken by her mother, was released in May 2024 to mark her ninth birthday. (Credit: Kensington Palace)

How old is Princess Charlotte?

Princess Charlotte was born on May 2, 2015, making her currently nine years old. When she was born, Charlotte made history due to the changes in succession laws that came into effect in 2015.

Her birth marked the first time in British history that a female royal retained their place in the line of succession. Princess Charlotte is currently third in the line of succession, after her older brother George and before her younger brother Louis. If it weren’t for a law called the Succession to the Crown Act, the younger son would continue to supersede the elder daughter in the line of succession, leaving Charlotte’s chances of becoming a monarch incredibly slim.

What school does Princess Charlotte go to?

Princess Charlotte attends Lambrook School in Berkshire with both of her brothers. She started her education at Willcocks Nursery School in January 2018 before joining George and Louis at Thomas’s School in Battersea in September 2019.

The royal children didn’t attend the independent preparatory school until 2022 when the family relocated to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor Home Park, just east of Windsor Castle.

Princess Charlotte has one older brother, Prince George, and one younger brother, Prince Louis. (Credit: Getty)

Why is Princess Charlotte richer than Prince George?

In 2023, The Mirror reported on a recent study at the time, revealing that Princess Charlotte has a net worth slightly higher than both of her brothers. The study revealed that Charlotte has a net worth of £3.5 billion while her older brother, Prince George, has a net worth of £3.4 billion.

The reason for Charlotte’s slightly higher net worth comes down to one simple thing… fashion. “Apparently due to the ‘Kate Middleton effect,’ where the fashion choices of the royal family can have a huge impact on fashion trends,” the outlet reported.

Kate is well-known for her elegant fashion sense and whenever she wears an outfit, it often sells out almost instantaneously. Charlotte has therefore inherited this ability to boost the economy through her fashion choices, explaining why she is reportedly richer than her brothers.

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