Protester throws eggs at King Charles and Queen Camilla during latest royal outing

"God save the Queen."
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King Charles III and his wife, Queen Consort Camilla have had to dodge eggs that were thrown at them by a protester.

The royal couple were at Micklegate Bar in York on Wednesday, November 9 when several eggs were hurled at them.

WATCH: Protestor throws eggs at King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla

While some came quite close, none of the eggs actually hit Charles or Camilla.

The protester who threw the eggs reportedly yelled out, “This country was built on the blood of slaves” as he did it.

And according to the Northern Echo, shortly after the protester threw the eggs, he was detained by four police officers.

king charles
A protester threw several eggs at King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla during a royal outing. Pictured above is Charles looking at one of the eggs that just missed hitting him. (Credit: Getty)

The King looked quite unfazed by the whole affair but Camilla did look slightly concerned when the crowd started loudly booing at the protester; presumably she initially thought the crowd was booing her and her husband.

Camilla looked more at ease once the crowd started chanting, “God save the Queen” and “hip hip hooray”; which they did as soon as police seized the protester.

Charles and Camilla are in York for a two-day visit and while they’re there, they will unveil a statue dedicated to Charles’ late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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“My wife and I are deeply touched to have been asked to unveil this statue to my beloved mother,” the King said during a speech.

“When this statue was first planned five years ago, during a reign of unprecedented duration and achievement, it was intended as a celebration of the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.”

“Now, as we have witnessed, with great sadness, the passing of that reign, it is unveiled in her memory, as a tribute to a life of extraordinary service and devotion,” Charles explained.

broken eggs on ground
None of the eggs hit Charles or Camilla and the protester who threw them has been detained by police. (Credit: Getty)

“The late Queen was always vigilant for the welfare of her people during her life.”

“Now, her image will watch over what will become Queen Elizabeth Square, for centuries to come — a constant example of the duty and care for others, and for our community, which is the calling and the duty we all share,” Charles concluded.

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