Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Watermelon Salsa

Why not have a go at this street inspired recipe, you won't be disappointed!
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Serve this slow cooked pork belly with a refreshing watermelon salsa, BBQ sauce and flatbreads. It’s a street-food style roast worth taking the time for!


for the pork belly
for the watermelon salsa
to serve



Heat oven to 140C/120C fan/gas 2. Season the pork belly all over with salt then put it, the peppercorns, thyme, bay and fennel seeds in a deep roasting tin. Pour over the cider, then top up with water until the pork is submerged. Cover with foil and cook for 6 hrs. 


Remove from the oven and leave the pork to cool until you can touch it easily, around 10 mins, then lift from the liquid and use cling film to roll the pork as tightly as you can, then leave to cool completely in the fridge overnight. 


Mix all the ingredients for the watermelon salsa together and season. Set aside.


Slice the pork belly into eight 1-2cm rounds and place, flat-side down. in a lightly oiled frying pan, cook until golden, 1-2 mins, then turn over and repeat so both sides are nicely crisped, even in colour and the pork is hot throughout.


To serve, spread 1 tbsp of bbq sauce over each flatbread, top with the crisped pork belly and finish with a spoonful of the salsa.


448 kcals • fat 28g • saturates 10g • carbs 11g • sugars 11g • fibre 1g • protein 33g • salt 0.3g

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