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All the explosive cheating scandals on The Block this year

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Scandal after scandal after scandal – to say this season of The Block has been an interesting one would be an understatement.

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The Block Fans v Faves season brought three new couples to face off against two sets of returning all-stars, in a setting never attempted before.

The Faves this year are Ronnie and Georgia and Mitch and Mark, and identical twins Josh and Luke join two other newbie couples, Tanya and Vito and Kirsty and Jesse.

While there have been some pretty remarkable renovations this season, you can’t help but be distracted by the number of cheating scandals that have struck chaos on The Block this year.

And, with so many unfolding during the season, it may be a little hard to keep track of each one, so we’ve rounded up all the cheating scandals so far.

the block 2021 cheating scandal
A leaked photo of the production schedule rocked the show. (Credit: Nine)

The leaked production schedule

Josh and Luke became embroiled in a cheating scandal when they had photos of the show’s production schedule, which gave them the advantage of knowing which room they would have to renovate next.

While the reality stars claimed that they weren’t the only competitors who used the schedule to their advantage, other contestants have hit back at these accusations, with Ronnie and Georgia even taking to their Instagram to weigh in on the fiasco.

“TO CLARIFY – Yes, we saw the photo of the production board in Week One for about 3 seconds & informed producers what had just happened literally 5 minutes later,” the stars wrote.

“We’re highly irritated with the Master Bedroom scores, knowing that teams were effectively cheating and winning – that’s when the Rondog volcano erupted and the photo scandal was shared on camera,” they added.

ronnie georgia the block
The Blockheads were not happy about the situation. (Credit: Nine)

Tanya and Vito’s involvement

The saga continued when Tanya and Vito came forward to announce that they had a part to play in the cheating scandal.

As it turns out, Tanya had the photo first, where she explained that the photo of the production schedule was sent to her from an unknown tradie via text, and she forwarded it over to Luke.

However, during another episode, hidden camera footage showed Tanya and Vito discussing the scandal, where she told her husband:

“I’m going to tell the camera what happened about the tradie sending me the photo. It was a number I didn’t know, and I deleted it straight away.”

tanya vito the block
Tanya and Vito were involved in yet another scandal right after. (Credit: Nine)

The laundry installation

Tanya and Vito were involved in another cheating scandal shortly after, where Georgia caught the couple having their laundry installed a week after they were meant to.

After a change in the schedule, if the Blockheads wanted Kinsman to install their laundries, it had to be on a specific day, otherwise they’d have to install it at their own cost come laundry week.

Tanya and Vito, having missed the deadline, not only had a couple of the Kinsman installers come in a week later and install their laundry, but they also bragged about scoring it for free.

“We’re very grateful to Kinsman who came back just for us and put all the laundry in … but don’t tell anyone else,” Tanya told producers.

When fellow contestants Ronnie and Georgia found out what was going on, they were pretty upset to say the least. 

josh luke the block
The twins have been involved in multiple cheating scandals this season. (Credit: Nine)

The painting fiasco and more

Right off the bat, Josh and Luke were accused of cheating during the first episode, when they had their tradies paint their house for them.

As per the show’s rules, the Blockheads need to do all the painting themselves, but the brothers broke that rule during their first week on site.

The two sparked outrage a week later after leaving the site for an all-nighter, and again when Luke enlisted the help of his fiancee to style their master bedroom.

kirsty jesse the block
Kirsty and Jesse were accused of dodgy spending. (Credit: Nine)

Kirsty and Jesse under fire

Kirsty and Jesse faced the heat from their fellow contestants after speculation rose as to how they had so much money to spend on their huge property.

During one of the episodes, Josh and Luke demanded “an audit” from the couple to get to the bottom of their spending, although the votes in favour of it fell short.

“It’s very frustrating we can’t get the audit over the line,” Luke said. “They’re getting away with it.”

Later in the episode, Scott Cam discussed with Jesse and Kirsty where their money had come from, where they explained: “We’ve been saving for this backyard from day one, every single week.”

The Block airs Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network.

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