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Big Brother: The housemates’ secret lives EXPOSED

Here’s what they get up to when they aren’t on camera.
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While Big Brother’s omniscient eye may never miss a beat, off-screen, the contestants are leading secret lives that we aren’t privy to… until now.

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It’s all strategy, strategy, strategy on this season of Big Brother Australia. 

Contestants are forming and breaking alliances on the daily in order to win that whopping $250,000 prize.

While on-screen, most conversations we witness revolve around schemes to advance in the game, outside of the BB vacuum, the contestants lead very different lives.

We’ve gone behind the scenes to see what the housemates get up to when Big Brother isn’t watching.

He’s got a passion for bikes. (Credit: Instagram)

Daniel’s shock TV career

Daniel Hayes is certainly one of the show’s biggest players – but it turns out he isn’t a stranger to the camera.

The 48-year-old has his own YouTube channel titled Million Dollar Bogan. In the series, Daniel has taken his passion for riding Harley-Davidsons to the next level as he documents his adventures around the world.

“I love to travel on motorbikes around the world,” he wrote on his channel. “And I like to do rides that people say you cannot do.”

Adriana’s a fashionista! (Credit: Instagram)

Adriana’s passion for fashion

When she entered the house, Adriana Fernandez certainly didn’t compromise on her sense of style – that’s because the stunning 54-year-old runs her own business as a stylist.

The mother has 20 years’ experience in the industry, working as a head stylist for Westfield Sydney, as well as on commercial photo shoots.

“Everyone deserves to be styled no matter their age, size or budget, and my philosophy is simple: ‘Look good to feel great,’” reads her website.

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He’s making waves in the art world. (Credit: Instagram)

Sid’s genius stroke

This week, Sid Pattni is set to make a splash as he steps up his game in the house. But in real life, the 34-year-old is making his mark on the art world.

In 2019, Sid was named a finalist in the Lester Prize for portraiture.

“It felt like a validation of many years of hard work,” he tells New Idea. “I had entered four years in a row and got rejected each time, so there was a lesson in that for me. Work hard, trust the process and enjoy the victories along the way.”

Sid reveals that his passion for drawing and painting began when he was just a kid. “I think that curiosity towards the arts was just in me from a young age and I was fortunate enough to be given a chance to develop it as I went through school and university,” he says.

However, he is yet to draw a portrait of his fellow housemates. “They need to be willing sitters first,” he adds.

She loves to spin the decks. (Credit: Supplied)

Christina hits the right notes

She is the bubbly flight attendant from Melbourne, but Christina Podolyan is harbouring a secret talent – she loves to spin the decks in her spare time.

of my biggest passions is DJing,” says the 22-year-old.

The brunette beauty is known 
to DJ at Melbourne club, My Aeon, and her sets can
 be heard on the online music streaming service, Mixcloud.

No doubt, Christina is the one in charge of the playlists in the Big Brother house.

His basketball career has been a slam dunk. (Credit: Instagram)

Marley’s slam dunk

Marley Biyendolo played college basketball in the US, where he scored a scholarship to Pepperdine University. Now, he plays for the Dandenong Rangers in the NBL1 in Australia.

“Basketball has been my passion for the past 15 years,” explains Marley. But what many might not know is he is also a disability support worker.

“My outlook on life has changed in so many ways since working as a support worker,” he adds. “But I think it’s truly allowed me to remember to smile, be happy, and remember how truly blessed I am each and every single day.”

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