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‘Won’t go away’: Ali Oetjen SLAMS Grant Kemp

The Bachelorette-to-be doesn’t hold back.

Australia’s new Bachelorette Ali Oetjen is ready to try her luck for the third time, after two stints on reality shows The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise. But, before the blonde beauty begins her new love journey, she’s got clearly unfinished business with ex-boyfriend, Grant Kemp. 

Speaking to WHO, Ali doesn’t hold back when it comes to Grant’s X-rated claims about her.

“We all have one of those ex-boyfriends that just won’t go away, and he’s unfortunately one of those guys who is adamant and someone who wants those headlines and isn’t giving in,” she tells WHO.

“I’ve just come to peace with it.” 

Despite Grant’s claims, Ali says she’s focusing her energy on moving forward. 

“The thing is, there are always two sides to the story,” she says.

“I’m not giving this any light or any opportunity because I want it to stop and I want to focus on my future. I don’t want him in my future. The truth is, if I say my side of the story that means saying bad things about another person. I’ve never done that and I won’t do that – even if it’s against my worst enemy.”–CnscZ/?taken-by=alioetjen

Earlier this year, following the Bachelor In Paradise finale where Ali and Grant professed their love for one another, the two moved to Grant’s home in LA where things took an unexpected turn. 

The Bachelor In Paradise star spoke exclusively to New Idea about the moment he caught the blonde reality star cheating on him…with his best friend!

“I don’t understand why she would do something like that,” a confused Grant said at the time.

“She definitely had me fooled, that’s for sure.”

Ali previously claimed that her American lover had only dated her for fame and she was left heartbroken after their steamy relationship came to an end.

However, Grant reveals it was actually him who called time on their relationship in March, after he caught her in a passionate tryst with his best friend – in his own home – just days after she landed in LA to start their new life together.


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