Play mats, teething rings and pram toys – the best toys for your bub

How to make the most of your baby’s playtime.

Playtime doesn’t just keep your little ones entertained and happy – it also helps them reach those important developmental milestones.

But when you’re faced with a million options at the baby store, it can feel a tad overwhelming.

To start, make sure you choose toys that are age-appropriate, machine washable and easy to wipe clean, so hygiene is never compromised. Aesthetically, you’ve worked tirelessly on setting up the perfect nursery or playroom for your newborn, so finding toys that work with your chosen colour palette is another important factor.

In our hunt for the best baby toys and products in Australia, we stumbled across a super-cute selection at Metro Baby, the ultimate one-stop baby shop. Here, you’ll find a specially curated range from the most renowned and reputable brands – check out these five fun and engaging options for newborns aged 0 to six months.

Play mats

Your bub needs lots of tummy time for healthy physical development and a cushioned play mat from the likes of Susukoshi and Wee Gee will provide a soft place for them to do just that. It gives babies the chance to kick, lay and play, with padding for protection and visually stimulating pictures to keep them curious. Not to mention, parents can enjoy some hands-free time while keeping an eye on their little one at work. There are natural and organic play mats, as well as reversible, non-toxic and machine-washable options.

A soft play mat is a safe space for baby to play.

Dangly pram toys

For some mums, keeping baby happy while they’re in the pram can be a monumental task, but the right toys can certainly help. Try to pick ones with super-soft plush textures, rattles or curious details that little hands will want to touch. You’ll love the adorable options from Skip Hop – think little llamas, cactuses and avocados. 

Animal shaped teethers

High-quality teethers gently massage baby gums. Given they’re going in your baby’s mouth, make sure you choose a style made from non-toxic, antibacterial materials like beechwood or silicone. Matchstick Monkey delivers the best of both worlds by combining super-cute animal shapes with a functional teether. Imagine a gorgeous monkey shaped teether that little hands can easily hold – they’ll want to carry their little friend around with them everywhere.

Crinkle toys

Whether it’s colours, textures, or sounds, everything is a new, exciting experience for babies, so filling their life with bright, noisy toys will support their visual development and sensory stimulation. Crinkle toys are made from textured fabrics with ribbons and embroidered details – just watch baby’s little eyes light up as they grab, squish and crinkle away.

Capture your little one's attention with colour and texture.

Comforting cuddly toys

When babies can’t snuggle up with Mummy or Daddy, the softest toy you can find is the next best thing. Toys that are soothing and comforting are a worthy investment, and when they’re good-quality, they’ll stand the test of time. Perhaps they’ll even become a super-sweet memento that your child can hold onto until they’re an adult, to pass onto their own children?

A good quality snuggle buddy will last for years.

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