Adam Densten’s cutest moments with baby Celia

“Our little one is pumped to be in the world!"
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He might only be new to the gig, but Adam Densten is fast becoming one of our favourite celebrity dads.

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Adam announced the birth of his baby girl in late May, but revealed to fans she’d actually been born three weeks earlier, and been kept a secret while he and wife Rachel figured out the first few weeks of parenting.

“We had a baby!” he wrote on Instagram.

“Sneakily, we actually had our baby 3 weeks ago and have been posting pics of Rach still being pregnant while we were working out how to care for another human with no experience whatsoever.

“Apologies for the sneakiness!” he joked.

But since their daughter’s early arrival (Rachel gave birth four weeks earlier than expected), the pair seem to be taking to parenting like two ducks to water.

Scroll on for our favourite dad moments from Adam so far.

Adam and Rachel kept Celia to themselves for a few weeks. (Credit: Instagram)

Adam and Rachel revealed they’d had their baby on Instagram on May 23, 2022. Adam shared an adorable selfie of the family of three, taken by a smiling Rachel. Adam was on holding duties, and their little girl slept peacefully.

Adam facing the shock of new parenting. (Credit: Instagram)

Adam shared another picture in the same announcement of one of his first moments with his bub, decked out in blue hospital scrubs as he held the tiny bundle. He looked absolutely shocked, but knowing how much of a jokester he is, we’re certain he was smiling on the inside.

“Our little one is pumped to be in the world!” (Credit: Instagram)

Baby Densten showed us all she was excited to be here with what looked like a celebratory dance, captured by Adam in a snap shared to Instagram.

“Our little one is pumped to be in the world,” he joked in the caption.

Venturing out. (Credit: Instagram)

Out and about! It didn’t take long for Adam to venture out with the baby, strapping her to his chest for a beach walk. She was so tiny though that it looked like the carrier was empty.

“Rach is a super mum already and I’m a bloody lucky dad.” (Credit: Instagram)

A name reveal! Although Adam had said it on his podcast, he was ready to make it official. Partnering with Woman’s Day, he shared their first family portrait with a grinning Rachel and a sleeping Celia.

“Introducing: Celia Kate Densten. 4 weeks early and eating like it’s going out of fashion,” he wrote.

“Rach is a super mum already and I’m a bloody lucky dad,” he added.

“Side story: The midwife thought her name was ‘J’Celia’ because when she asked if her name was Cecilia, we said ‘it’s just Celia’ 🤣.”

Happy sleeping! (Credit: Instagram)

Their most recent family snap shows Rachel and Celia snoozing on Adam.

“Nap times as follows: 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 9pm, 11pm, 3am, 5am,” he captioned it.

Happy sleeping girls!

adam densten baby
“Couldn’t make it up to the Gold Coast, but made sure to dress up for the occasion!” (Credit: Instagram)

While he couldn’t be there in person, Adam celebrated the 2022 TV WEEK Logie Awards with little Celia and shared the adorable moment to Instagram.

“@goggleboxau won a Logie! And I got this great trophy to kiss! Couldn’t make it up to the Gold Coast, but made sure to dress up for the occasion!” he said.

“Thank you to everyone who voted, it’s incredibly humbling to have you love watching tv with us on our couch.

“And thanks to all the other cast, it’s always great to share it with you and take credit for all your awesome work. We’ll be back before you know it!”

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