Uncle Tobys launch ‘mitey’ new oats flavour with Vegemite

Is this a case of just because they could, doesn't mean they should?
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Uncle Tobys has teamed up with Vegemite to embark on a brand new brekkie frontier, combining their brains’ trust to create a truly iconic oat flavour for your morning porridge. 

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If you haven’t already clued on, the new flavour will see the beloved oats of the breakfast business mixed in with the savoury flavours of Australia’s unofficial national spread – Vegemite. 

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According to Uncle Tobys Senior Research and Development Manager John Pitcher, the new porridge line is perfect for those looking to add a “twist” of flavour to their morning oats. 

It’s the dawn of a new era in Aussie breakfast foods (Credit: Supplied)

Currently, only one exclusive batch of the experimental collaboration has been produced for media to taste test, however, Aussies are being encouraged to vote online as to whether or not the radical mashup should be sold en masse at supermarkets across Australia. 

“We’ve been making oats in Australia for 130 years and love creating new flavours for Aussies to try, but this time we wanted to give oat fans a chance to have their say,” said John. 

“Vegemite, like Uncle Tobys, is such an iconic brand, offering a truly unique taste of Australia, so the partnership felt like it was meant to be,” he added. 

“Many oat lovers are looking for new ways to enjoy their favourite bowl at breakfast and savoury is trending. We can’t wait to see if people vote for Uncle Tobys Oats with Vegemite to officially appear on shelves.”

Would you try this? (Credit: Supplied)

In 2023 Uncle Tobys is celebrating its 130th birthday, with Vegemite also celebrating a special milestone in October, marking 100 years in Aussie pantries. 

“As this year marks a significant milestone for both of us, it’s a no-brainer to come together and celebrate the versatility of both products: combining two icons to create something unique and flavoursome,” Jess Hoare, Marketing Manager of Vegemite said. 

If you’d like to see this mitey mashup in your local supermarket, make sure to click here and cast your vote. 

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