Green’s release Vegemite Choc Chunk Brownies!

Will you try this weird new combo?
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Green’s, best known for their cupcake mixes, has launched a new mix for what we think will be a divisive dessert: Vegemite Choc Chunk Brownies.

Described as “a mitey gooey, chunky and chocolatey flavoured brownie cleverly blended with the iconic taste of Australia, Vegemite,” apparently the brownies have a flavour similar to salted caramel.

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Peta Allsopp, Green’s Head of Marketing & Innovation, said, “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with everyone’s favourite spread Vegemite to launch Green’s Vegemite Choc Chunk Brownie.”

“Our baking team has expertly blended the mitey taste of Vegemite with delicious rich chocolate to deliver a mouth-watering salted caramel flavoured brownie that is sure to satisfy big and little Vegemites.”

Similarly, Jesse Hoare, Vegemite’s marketing manager, said, “Vegemite and chocolate is a mitey match in heaven! Vegemite truly is the taste of Australia, wonderful in savoury recipes and delightful in brownies.”

green's vegemite brownie mix
Green’s has launched a mix for Vegemite Choc Chunk Brownies. (Credit: Green’s)

“We’re super excited to be partnering with Green’s to bring the Vegemite Choc Chunk Brownie to Australia!”

The Vegemite Choc Chunk Brownie mix will be available to purchase at Coles from March 1 and at Woolworths from April 24 for a recommended retail price of $6.

This isn’t the first time Vegemite has partnered with another brand to produce a weird food combo.

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Last year, the iconic Aussie brand partnered with Domino’s and for a limited time sold a ‘Cheesy Vegemite Pizza’.

In 2020, Vegemite partnered with SPC and produced ‘Vegemite Baked Beans’.

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