Vegemite set to be featured on $2 coins nationwide in celebration of 100th birthday

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In news we certainly didn’t see coming, Vegemite is set to be featured on $2 coins across the country to celebrate 100 years of the iconic Aussie brand. 

But for those wanting to secure a piece of history and see these coins for themselves there is a catch!

WATCH NOW: Selena Gomez tries Vegemite. Article continues after video. 

Woolworths and the Royal Australian Mint have joined forces to bring this beloved brand to life on Australian currency, the new coins only to be available to those paying for their groceries with cash. 

Yes, you read that right!

For those of us who prefer to carry just our cards, or just use tap-and-go on our phones, we may have to cash out to take home this slice of history. 

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The coins are part of a limited run of three million, with a new design released into cash tills across Woolworths stores nationwide over a three-week period. 

All three coins have a different coloured circle that outlines the design inside – yellow, red, and black (the Vegemite brand colours) and have been designed by Royal Australian Mint designer Aaron Baggio. 

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Each coin features a unique design, ranging from a slice of Vegemite toast with the words “Tastes like Australia” whilst another features a child enjoying a slice of Vegemite on toast with the words “Happy Little Vegemite.”

There is also a coin that simply depicts a jar of the pantry staple with the words “100 Mitey Years” inscribed on the bottom of the coin. 

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Woolworths Brand and Marketing Director Jane Saleh said that the supermarket giant had long supported the Vegemite brand and was thrilled to be taking part in its birthday celebrations. 

“It’s been a staple in the shopping baskets of Australians for years; we’re delighted to be part of the celebrations for this iconic brands centenary.”

Vegemite will officially turn 100 on October 25th, 2023. 

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