The Block’s Sarah Jane makes “disgusting” relationship admission

The MAFS star divides opinions.
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The Block’s Sarah Jane has left her followers in shock after admitting to a “horrific” and “disgusting” act with her husband Tom Calleja. 

Taking to the airwaves in her podcast I Just Can’t With SJ & Rach, Sarah Jane made the revelation that she and Tom shared the same toothbrush. 

WATCH NOW: Sarah Jane and Tom give a tour of their caravan. Article continues after video. 

“I share my toothbrush with Tom,” she admitted. 

“There’s going to be someone sitting and listening to this going, ‘That is so horrific. That is so disgusting, Sarah-Jane, I can’t even…I’m gagging’ and then there’s going to be half going, ‘I do that too’. 

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“I’ve never previously shared my toothbrush with partners, but Tom didn’t care, and he’d just grab mine all the time.”

But that wasn’t the only insight into their relationship that Sarah Jane shared with her listeners. 

Have Sarah Jane and Tom taken their relationship a step too far? (Credit: Instagram)

The 31-year-old then went on to add that despite being “quite loud”, it was Tom who “wore the pants” in their relationship.

She also admitted that despite being married, they kept their money completely separate – including their earnings from The Block

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“He does control our finances, which people probably find really strange. He doesn’t share his money,” Sarah Jane said. 

“Tom and I have been together for nine years, we’re about to have our second child and I’ve never seen his bank account. 

“The money we won from The Block went straight into his bank account…we didn’t go 50/50.”

They share a toothbrush, but not finances (Credit: Instagram)

Co-host Rachel was quick to ask the question on most listeners’ lips: “And then you have to ask him for money or something?,” she posed to Sarah Jane. 

To this, Sarah jokingly responded: “If it’s a high purchase, yeah. It’s not like he says no to me, but it feels weird to have to ask as a 30-year-old mother.”

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“Maybe he’s a millionaire and he doesn’t want me to find out.”

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