Why you need to stop taking your phone in the bathroom now!


We’re all guilty of taking our phone into the bathroom – heck, some of us can’t even consider going to the loo without our phone in tow. 

Well, you need to stop doing that right now!

According to a report released by The Sun, touching your phone between using the toilet and washing your hands can leave germs all over your mobile device, which is then transported with you everywhere – your desk at work, your children’s fingers, the dinner table! Anywhere you place your phone after taking it to the bathroom, harmful germs are being left. 

Dr Paul Matewele, microbiologist at London Metropolitan University says, ‘Touching your phone between using the toilet and washing your hands is a very bad idea. Toilet seats, handles, sinks and taps are covered in germs such as E. coli, which can cause urinary tract infections and intestinal illness, C. diff which can result in diarrhoea and acinetobacter which can cause a contagious respiratory infection.’ 

According to Dr Matewele, phones are particularly dangerous because we carry them everywhere, touch them constantly and have them out on the table while we eat. 

If you MUST take your phone into the ladies’, wash your hands thoroughly and give the phone a clean with an antibacterial wipe. 

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