Shane Warne’s children have launched a new organisation to honour his legendary life

“We believe if dad had taken one of these tests, he might still be with us today."
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Today, November 28, 2023, Spin King Shane Warne leaves a lasting legacy that will ensure his name lives on.

His three children, Jackson, Summer and Brooke have launched an organisation, Shane Warne Legacy, that celebrates and honours his legendary life.

The Shane Warne Legacy is dedicated to preserving the memory of an extraordinary individual, Shane Warne, whose life was marked by remarkable achievements and the enduring impact he left on people and places,” the new organisation shares in it’s mission statement.

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“A legacy gives us a perspective on what’s important.

“It is about the richness of Shane’s life, including what he accomplished and the impact he had on people and places. Ultimately the way Shane lived life will reflect in everything that we do.”

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Shane Warne Legacy was started by his children, as well as former teammates and friends, and is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for a variety of charities and causes.

One major part of the organisation is the “Shane Warne Legacy Heart Test” campaign which aims to save lives by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

By the end of this year, the goal is to deliver 23,000 free four minute heart tests across Australia.

Following this, they aim to provide 500,000 Australians a free Heart Test by the end of 2024. 

To launch the organisation, Warne’s children wrote a beautiful letter to the Herald Sun, expressing their dedication to honouring their father’s legacy in the most meaningful way.

“It’s our heartfelt commitment to sustain the legacy on his behalf.

“We believe if dad had taken one of these tests, he might still be with us today.

“We don’t want any family to endure the heartache we’ve faced and sadly, millions of others have faced, and dad wouldn’t want that either.”

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Warne’s parents, Keith and Brigitte, also wrote a letter to the Herald Sun in light of the launch of Shane Warne Legacy.

As of today, 633 days have passed since we said goodbye to our cherished son, Shane, lost to a sudden heart attack during a holiday in Thailand with his mates,” they wrote. 

“The impact Shane left on people and the remarkable achievements of his 52 years were truly extraordinary.

“As his parents, our hearts swell with pride for the positive difference he made in so many lives.

“The Shane Warne Legacy holds a sacred place in our hearts, a testament to Shane’s enduring influence, and we find solace in knowing it will carry on making a positive impact, just as he would have wanted.”

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Another aspect of Shane Warne Legacy is the “Tip Your Hat” campaign, which is an act dedicated to honouring Warne. 

Floppy Shane Warne Legacy Hats will be sold in the lead-up to the summer of cricket. 

“The floppy hat became an iconic symbol for Shane, and fans often donned similar headwear as a mark of respect for their cricketing hero,” the Shane Warne Legacy website states.

The organisation is selling floppy and bucket hats as a form of fundraising.

100 per cent of profits will be used to further fund the Shane Warne Legacy Heart Tests.

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