Scott Morrison responds to jobs scandal memes with more memes

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The internet’s collective response to Scott Morrison’s secret ministerial appointments has been outrage and memes. The usual combination. 

But, last night it took a wild turn when Scotty himself decided to ‘join in’.

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In case you missed it, this week it was revealed that between March 2022 and the election in May, Morrison appointed himself to five ministry positions without telling the Australian public. Or much of his ministry.

According to the ABC, Scott Morrison held the positions of minister of health, finance, treasury, home affairs and the portfolio of industry, science, energy and resources. 

It’s been hard keeping track.

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Morrison insists he never used the powers that come with these portfolios, except for that time he blocked a controversial gas exploration permit.

His reasoning behind the whole thing was to safeguard the Australian government if a minister was to fall ill with COVID-19. He also believes he was right in not telling the Australian public because he thought they would panic. 

Scott Morrison on the Masked Singer
Mirror Ball is Scott Morrison. (Credit: Twitter)

The whole thing is bonkers, but it got more insane when ScoMo decided to ‘join in the fun’ and publish his own memes about the situation

Taking to Facebook last night, Morrison said, “it’s been fun joining in on all the memes. But there are so many now I can’t keep up.”

“As Aussies we can always have a chuckle at ourselves.”

He then posted some of his own attempts. Firstly he inserted himself into Sooshi Mango, a comedy group from 2015.

“This was my own effort with the Sooshi Mango boys. Glad to be also joining their team, along with all the other gigs you guys have given me today,” Morrison wrote.

Scott Morrison posted his own memes to facebook
Morrison and Sooshi Mango. (Credit: Facebook)

He also posted an image of himself as the coach of the Cronulla Sharks.

“Don’t mind this one either. But that job is definitely filled and [Craig Fitzgibbon] is doing an awesome job. UpUpCronulla (sic),” he captioned the image.

cott Morrison takes over from Craig Fitzgibbon
Scott Morrison takes over from Craig Fitzgibbon (Credit: Facebook)

The response to his post has been decidedly mixed. 

Many supporters posted messages praising Morrison for being able to laugh at himself.

“Well done for sharing your sense of “Great Aussie Humour” during such a difficult time. You are a good sport,” said one supporter.

“If you can’t laugh at yourself then you don’t have a true sense of humour. Love seeing the memes and your replies. Playing along with the memes….absolute legend,” wrote another.

One woman revealed that her son is a meme which sounds tough. 

We’re glad you’re so supportive of your meme son Eleanor. (Credit: Facebook)

Others are understandably angry that Morrison is making light of the situation. 

“Maybe you should have spent more time making memes than secretly making yourself minister of everything. Better yet, should have spent that time leading the country,” one person commented.

“You think the running of this country is a joke. Have some humility and say you made a mistake. We don’t need US-style gloating about how badly you behaved in office,” said another.

Scott Morrison at Engadine McDonalds
His past is catching up to him…

For now the whole affair is in the hands of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese who has indicated he is seeking legal advice on the matter.

The PM has called for Morrison to apologise to the Australian people.

Opposition leader Peter Doutton conceded Morrison made “the wrong call” but hasn’t asked him to resign. ScoMo intends to remain as the member for Cook.

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