Robert Irwin confesses his unusual travel hobby

The 19-year-old takes part in an odd travel ritual.
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19-year-old Robert Irwin, like his family members, is known for his adventurous spirit.

Raised with an ever-inquisitive mindset, his environmental passion is often emblazoned across his Instagram @robertirwinphotography.

Accompanied with an inherited Irwin sense of humour, the teen recently posted a series of snaps to reveal his unique travel hobby.

WATCH: Robert Irwin’s ad campaign for Hard Yakka. Article continues after video.

The thread of five photographs depicts the youngster posing with a series of ‘Robert’-themed landmarks. Whether it be an engraving, a plaque, a road, or a gravestone – if it has his name on it, he’s documenting it!

Captioning his post “Roberts of the world”, the Wildlife Warrior is pictured in New York City’s Central Park standing in front of a statue of Scottish poet Robert Burns. Altering his position so the statue simply reads ‘Robert’, he glances off to the side with a slight smirk gracing his face.

Robert Irwin standing in front of a statue of Robert Burns. (Credit: Instagram)

Included in the series of pictures is a gravestone for an identically named Robert Irwin.

“rip robert it’s almost like he’s still with us 💔,” a commenter joked.

“Omg so sorry you passed 💔,” another added.

Forget landscape photos, in Robert’s camera roll, you’ll most likely spot a series of ‘Robert-themed’ moments.

Robert at Roberts Field Airport in Redmond. (Credit: Instagram)

Several fans delighted in this cheeky display with one writing, “It’s Robert’s world and the rest of us are just living in it.”

“Hahaha how cute and interesting,” another wrote.

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