Maxibon change their legendary biscuit for the first time

Your favourite ice cream is getting a makeover
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In exciting news for Maxibon lovers, the fan-favourite ice cream is changing its iconic biscuit end for the first time ever. 

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The Aussie cult ice-cream brand is taking inspiration from an iconic brekkie fave to completely revamp the Maxibon everyone knows and loves. 

The Maxibon Waffle On edition will replace the classic biscuit with everyone’s favourite breakfast food – waffles

Two golden, sugar-dusted waffles will encase Maxibon’s signature sweet vanilla slab which will also be full of caramelised sugar pieces to give the perfect amount of crunch. 

With delicious waffles on one end and caramel white choc packed with hazelnuts and cookie crumbs on the other, it’s clear this Maxibon is on a whole other level of flavour. 

Maxibon Waffle On
The Maxibon Waffle On (Credit: Peters Ice Cream)

Andrea Hamori, Head of Marketing at Peters Ice Cream revealed the reasoning behind the new launch explaining, “we know how much Australians love Maxibon, it’s become a staple in so many Aussie freezers.”

“Maxibon is all about being ‘born different’ and we know our consumers love different and love bold. So, we are extremely excited to be launching Maxibon Waffle On, our biggest innovation to date.” 

“Not only have we transformed the biscuit end for the first time ever, but we are pushing the breakfast boundaries giving our fans a Maxibon take on brekkie they can enjoy anytime anywhere.”

Ice cream for breakfast? Count us in!

Maxibon Waffle On
Two golden, sugar-dusted waffles will replace Maxibon’s signature biscuit (Credit: Peters Ice Cream)

The only question left is which end to eat first – waffle or choc?

The question has long ignited debate amongst Aussie Maxibon fans, with many extremely loyal to what they deem the ‘correct’ order when eating the ice cream. 

One fan argued that ​​people who eat the beloved ice cream biscuit side first “are psychopaths” on social media, and it seems many agree. 

Maxibon Waffle On
Waffle or choc side first? (Credit: Peters Ice Cream)

“What sort of person does that” questioned one fan, whilst another agreed that those who eat the biscuit first are an “atrocity.”

But it seems not everyone agrees, with one loyal fan proudly sharing that they “always eat the bickie side first.”

The Maxibon Waffle On will be available Australia-wide from July 18th at all major supermarkets and convenience stores. 

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