Explosive feud tears through The Block: “She’s a snake!”

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We’re only a few episodes into the new season of The Block and already the tools have gone down, and the tension has gone up, with the first feud of the season. 

It’s bathroom week, and whilst one would expect our blockheads would be well and truly occupied by the mammoth task ahead of them, it seems some are more invested in causing some serious drah-mah. 

WATCH NOW: Kristy accuses Steph of hiding information. Article continues after video. 

It all started when Kristy asked competitor Steph how much she paid for a bedhead she and her husband Gian had purchased for the House Decider Challenge. 

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As Kristy wanted to purchase the same bedhead, she thought it a smart move to ask about the cost to ensure she and husband Brett were getting a good deal, and not being ripped off. 

According to Kristy, Steph wasn’t willing to share that information, the 34-year-old venting to fast friend Leah about Steph’s supposed secret keeping. 

It’s only early days and already these two are clashing (Credit: Channel Nine)

“Steph wouldn’t tell me where she got it from or how much it was,” Kristy explained to Leah earnestly. 

“She wouldn’t give up anything,” she added, revealing that Steph had acted clueless about the purchase price of the bedhead due to it being on “sale.”

As she listened in to her friend’s rant, Leah was visibly outraged, stunned that Steph was unwilling to share the information. 

“I would tell anyone what I paid for something,” Leah affirmed. 

Leah couldn’t believe what she was hearing (Credit: Channel Nine)

Whilst initially watching this play out on screen, it does seem like Kristy and Leah have every right to be outraged, a bombshell clip played later in the episode proved that not everything Kristy was claiming was as it seemed. 

In fact, in the flashback clip of Kristy asking Steph about the bedhead, Steph was more than forthcoming with information about the bedhead, including where she purchased it and how much she purchased it for. 

“Hope you use it!” Steph even added cheerfully. 

Big yikes!

Kristy and Leah debriefing about the “situation” (Credit: Channel Nine)

And despite the differences between Kristy’s story, and the reality of what happened, Kristy continued to blast her fellow blockhead in a confessional to the camera. 

“I would suggest that there are two different versions of Steph,” she said. 

“One’s on camera, and one’s off camera. And it’s very different conversations that you’re having at both points.”

This then brings us to the latest development, with Leah accusing Steph and Gian of “stealing” their real estate agent Lana [Samuels] from WHITEFOX Real Estate. 

Unbeknownst to Leah, Steph, and Gian had already locked in last year’s winning agents, Ray White.

Steph has unwittingly found herself implicated in a feud with Leah and Kristy (Credit: Channel Nine)

“The dots are not connecting and I’m finding it very hard to read [Steph],” Leah says adding: “and also, how to trust her.” 

Later in the day, Leah vents to Kristy about Steph’s sneakiness, Kristy going as far to call Steph a “snake.” 

At the end of week one, there was already a clear rift dividing the contestants and it’s just as obvious to the blockheads as it is to the audience watching from home. 

“There are certainly couples that vibe together more than others,” Liberty said when asked by producers about the situation. 

“There’s something brewing between Steph and Leah-slash-Kristy,” her sister Eliza added. 

The divide truly showed itself in the beginning of week two, but not how viewers expected. Leah and Ash organised a “body corporate” to discuss the ‘cheating scandal’ where Steph allowed her father to work on-site despite not being inducted. 

“I don’t want it to happen again next week because it wasn’t really fair. What I’m talking about was [Steph’s] dad was there. I feel like he was doing work in your house, there’s a few problems with that,” Ash said. “If he comes again on Friday and hangs out, I’ll lose it…”

Leah and Ash organised a meeting to confront Steph and Gian. (Credit: Channel Nine)

When Leah added: “You got rid of your builder, like they didn’t walk off, you had access to your builder. We’ve all got hard weeks and hard days. I just don’t want that to be the excuse where we are now bending the rules.” 

Despite the confrontation, Steph admitted to feeling “relived” after knowing people were talking about the pair but didn’t understand why. However, fellow contestant Kyle wasn’t impressed with how the topic was raised. 

“Some people think that they’re running the whole site,” Kyle told the camera crew. “Everybody that said something that was contradicting to what she was gonna say, she shouted over the top of them.”

Leah was so shocked by Kyle’s opinions, she confessed to the camera crew that: “Actually don’t speak to me again.”

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