Doughnut chain Krispy Kreme to host DRIVE-THRU weddings this Valentine’s Day

You read that right - drive-thru weddings.
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If you thought 2023 couldn’t get more chaotic, we’re afraid February has gone and outdone itself. Marked in our calendars as Valentine’s Day, February 14th is considered to be the day of love. While some may schedule a romantic dinner, or a meaningful gift, Krispy Kreme have another plan in the works for loved-up Aussie couples.

WATCH: Sam and Snez Wood wedding anniversary. Article continues after video.

Doughnut chain, Krispy Kreme first opened their Australian doors in 1930 and, today, nearing a century later, they’re hosting weddings through their very own Liverpool drive-thru.

Yep, that’s right. Krispy Kreme will be facilitating the marriage between three Australian couples in their drive-thru for Valentine’s Day.

It sure is an interesting wedding venue! (Credit: Getty)

Having applied for Krispy Kreme’s wedding competition late 2022, the three selected couples will swap ‘walking down the aisle’ to ‘driving through the drive-thru’. Each pair will be escorted to the drive’s window in a Cadillac Eldorado where their nuptials will be officiated by a local wedding celebrant. 

While a wacky concept in and of itself, Krispy Kreme say they want to remove financial barriers for couples and turn their dreams of marriage into a reality.

This was affirmed by Aimee Cutajar, Head of Marketing at Krispy Kreme ANZ who said, “We’re so thrilled to be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day and make it official for three beautiful couples to tie the knot or exchange their vows.”

Participating couple, Veronica Guarinoni and Wesley Nathaniel are also thrilled to be tying the knot in the place where they first met.

“Who would have thought eight years ago when we first met at Krispy Kreme Liverpool that our love story would lead us back to the same store on our anniversary to get married,” they said.

Krispy Kreme wants to remove financial barriers. (Credit: Getty)

The Liverpool store will also be extending their celebrations further, inviting couples to declare their love at their ‘blessing station’ from midday to 9pm. While the event will not be legally binding, couples are invited to take photos and enjoy a free doughnut afterwards.

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