Hugh Jackman to release tell-all memoir

The notoriously private actor is finally ready to spill his secrets.
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Hugh Jackman is reportedly in the early stages of writing a “tell-all” memoir according to new reports. 

If true, the news comes just weeks after announcing his separation from his wife of 27 years, Deborra-Lee Furness. 

WATCH NOW: Hugh Jackman talks about his marriage to Deborah-Lee Furness. Article continues after video. 

In a joint statement released by the couple on September 15th, the pair shared that whilst sharing a “wonderful, loving marriage” it was time to start a new chapter apart with “gratitude, love, and kindness.”

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“Our journey now is shifting and we have decided to separate to pursue our individual growth,” they said at the time. 

Hugh is expected to speak candidly about the end of his marriage in his upcoming memoir. (Credit: Getty)

And for Hugh, that new chapter includes a memoir that will reportedly give fans a rare insight into his personal life, as well as his recent split from Deborra-Lee. 

“Hugh is choosing to [write this book] now because he’s finally [being] honest with himself [and] the divorce,” an insider source revealed to US Weekly. 

“The content will be Hugh speaking about his life. He’ll be opening up about his life like never before.”

Only time will tell how much Hugh will share with his fans. (Credit: Getty)

According to insiders close to the former couple, the marriage ended because both Hugh and Deborra-Lee had reached a point in their relationship where they felt more like best friends than lovers. 

“There was no drama or fighting – not that anyone is aware of anyway,” a source divulged to US Weekly. 

“Their lives were so interwoven, so it’s an extremely tricky and gut-wrenching process dividing everything up and figuring out who gets what in terms of assets and finances.”

Whilst news of a memoir is exciting for fans, something tells us it will be a while before any such thing is ready to be released. 

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