How Home and Away stars are keeping busy in lockdown

The cast are finding ways to bust their boredom!
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With a two-week lockdown order placed on Greater Sydney and several surrounding areas, the cast of Home and Away have been sent away from set to entertain themselves.

WATCH BELOW: Home and Away’s Ethan Browne and Nicholas Cartwright dance it out

Lucky for us, our faves are sharing their lockdown coping methods, feelings, banter, and musical talent across social media, and we’re relieved to know we’re not the only ones stuck for stuff to do.

Check out what the cast have been up to over the first days of Sydney’s lockdown 2.0.

Sam Frost’s Iso Diaries are back! (Credit: Instagram)

Sam Frost

Fans of the show’s darling, Sam Frost, might remember her iso-diary from lockdown round one.

Sam is known for her candid nature and her often relatable content, so we’re thrilled to see she had brought the diary back for the new lockdown, beginning it this weekend with a bang.

She took fans through her journey to buy toilet paper and not look like a hoarder in the process, and her attempt to put together a leaf blower she bought to tend to her neglected courtyard.

Spoiler: the leaf blower was quickly relegated to ‘the room where random objects go to die.’

We can’t wait to see more of Sam’s lockdown diary as the weeks go by.

A woman of many talents, Penny McNamee penned a song about lockdown, (Credit: Instagram)

Penny McNamee

We knew Penny was a talented actress, but did anyone know she could churn out a song so fast?

Penny performed and recorded Ode to Sydney, a spoof of Leaving on a Jet Plane in her ugg boots on a trampoline.

WATCH BELOW: Penny McNamee’s Ode to Sydney. Post continues after video…

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She sang about her cancelled holiday that she had planned to take with her husband, Matt Tooker, and their two kids, Neve and Jack.

The four are now locked down together, but we can imagine hearing Penny’s lovely singing voice throughout the house could only be a lockdown treat.

Nicholas Cartwight (left) and Ethan Browne (right) have been exchanging banter to keep themselves entertained. (Credit: Instagram)

Nicholas Cartwright and Ethan Browne 

Friends Nicholas Cartwright and Ethan Browne had just started working together again on Home and Away, years after they first met at the prestigious drama school, NIDA.

However, the pair have been forced apart once more by the fates of COVID lockdown.

Nicholas posted this shot of him hanging out all on his lonesome. (Credit: Instagram)

Nicholas posted a picture of him chilling solo outside his trailer, captioning it “Me hanging out with @atlas143 but then they lock down your whole city…”

“Just wasn’t meant to be bruh 😢 ❤️” Ethan commented.

“Star crossed,” Nicholas replied.

We can’t wait to see Constable Cash Newman and Tane Parata back together again soon!

Away from set, Georgie Parker has been dabbling in another hobby of hers. (Credit: Instagram)

Georgie Parker

Georgie, who has played Roo Stewart on the show for years now, is keeping her followers across her favourite hobby, photography.

Georgie has been sharing her photography on social media. (Credit: Instagram)

The actress has posted two gorgeous shots to her grid, one of some forest-like parkland and another shot of the stunning Sydney harbour at sunset, no easy feat given the miserable Sydney weather.

We hope Georgie shares some more great photography across the lockdown period!

“Back in bloody lockdown,” JR Reyne wrote. (Credit: Instagram)

JR Reyne

The talented JR Reyne, who recently joined the cast as photographer Emmett Ellison, has announced he’ll be performing his music via Instagram.

“Back in bloody lockdown & going IG LIVE this Friday – 2 July | 5pm AEST – for an hr of music + mumbling” he wrote alongside an image of himself holding his guitar.

JR posted this image announcing he will play live music via Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

He has also invited followers to give their song suggestions.

“Comment/DM songs you’d like me to cover & if they’re not complete rubbish/too complex I’ll have a crack,” he said.

Tune in Friday to get a taste of the suggestions he didn’t think were ‘complete rubbish’.

WATCH BELOW: Ethan Browne And Nicholas Cartwright Hanging Out

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