Everyone who has been eliminated from MasterChef Australia so far

These are the cooks who have crumbled under the pressure.
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Things are heating up in the MasterChef Australia kitchen as a new batch of talented home cooks from across the nation battle it out for the winning title and the life-changing $250,000 that comes with it. 

Across fifteen seasons, the beloved culinary cooking competition has launched the careers of some of Australia’s most celebrated celebrity chefs.

While it isn’t possible for every contestant to return as a judge – like season one runner-up Poh Ling Yeow and season four winner Andy Allen – many past winners have gone on to open food venues, release cookbooks, and even star in their own cooking programs. 

Sadly, however, there can only be one winner!

Scroll on to see all the contestants who have been eliminated from MasterChef Australia in 2024 so far. 

(Image: Channel Ten)

Snezana Calic

Pastry queen and MasterChef Dessert Masters alumna Anna Polyviou turned the heat up when she tasked the remaining contestants with recreating her newest creation – a Sunny Side Up dessert – in a pressure test.

While it looked deceptively simple from the outside and was plated to look like a runny egg yolk over toast, the actual construction of the dish was something else entirely.

Unfortunately for Snezana, after mistakenly leaving out a key ingredient, she was forced to re-make the dish from scratch, putting her 30 minutes behind her fellow chefs.

Ultimately, while she was able to plate a dish that she felt looked complete, the judges criticized her for failing to balance the flavours and the integrity of the pastry construction.

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Juan De La Cruze

From the very first episode, Juan cemented himself as a fan-favourite in the competition.

But sadly his endless optimism wasn’t enough to save him from an elimination challenge he landed himself in after serving up a lacklustre tuna ceviche.

In an effort to redeem himself to the judges, the Argentinian plated up empanadas that whilst plated up beautifully, failed to impress with their flavour and fillings.

“I was happy with the idea and execution. I think the flavours were there but I never got to try all the elements together,” Juan shared with Ten after he farewelled the MasterChef kitchen.

“I just loved this journey so much.”

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Lourdes Leschen

During a French-themed Mystery Box challenge, Lourdes found herself in a Pressure Test where she was tasked with recreating a Smoked Egg Yolk Raviolo with Truffle and Asparagus. 

While starting the cook strong, ultimately it got away from her, the end result being overcooked pasta and egg.

“Even though I failed that challenge, I was ultimately still happy with how I had done so far in the overall competition. I didn’t find much reason to stress about it,” she shared after her time in the MasterChef kitchen came to an end.

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Lily Davies

After failing to identify the secret ingredients in a blind taste test challenge, the 30-year-old found herself in the bottom six where she and her fellow competitors were told they could only use ingredients from the first round and had no access to the pantry.

“I just knew, going into that cook, I felt really deflated,” Lily admitted to 10Play after her elimination aired.

“I was really struggling to think of what to make with the limited pantry. There were so many ideas in my head I couldn’t do because certain [ingredients] weren’t there.”

Ultimately, after plating up undercooked chicken and raw leek, the NSW native was sent home.

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Khristian Walker

After landing in the bottom four, Khristian was tasked with recreating judge Jean Christophe-Novelli’s Jack-In-The-Box dessert – an intricate dish that features a whiskey-soaked brownie, dark chocolate vanilla mouse, white chocolate crème, fruit, and roasted hazelnuts.

Oh, and did we forget to mention the fragile sugar work that garnishes it? 

In short, plating up this dessert was no easy feat, and sadly Khristian fell behind his fellow contestants who were more experienced when it came to cooking with the sweet stuff than he was. 

“Desserts are not my forte, as much as I love eating them and making them,” Khristian shared with 10Play after his elimination. 

“[But] it was a privilege to recreate [Jean Christophe-Novelli’s] dish.”

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Jonathan Hooper

In an elimination round, the contestants were tasked with recreating one of Andy Allen’s mum’s favourite family meals, reminiscent of the 1980s, but with a twist.

Ultimately while his dishes had great potential, a series of mishaps in the MasterChef kitchen sent Jonathan home.

From an inedible cheesecake that was stuck to the pan in round one to a “clumsy” pappardelle pasta in round two, it just wasn’t his day.

Speaking with Ten shortly after his elimination aired, Jonathan reflected upon his final challenge, revealing that he “wasn’t feeling good going into that cook.”

“Instead of trying to create a better dessert, in my mind, I just thought I’d make the same thing but better…I knew it at the start of that cook. I just wasn’t feeling inspired.”

“I don’t think I appreciated how much of a mental game [MasterChef] is,” Jonathan added.

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Steph Griffen

Things didn’t go to plan for Step following guest judge Jamie Olivers‘ recipe for ‘Trevor’s Chicken’ – a dish that had featured on the menu of his father’s pub in the UK for more than 15 years.

After making a small mistake during the cook, the 38-year-old fell behind and was forced to improvise, the result being overcooked and dry chicken, and pastry that wasn’t as brown as it needed to be.

“During the cook, I made one wrong move and I knew then I was screwed,” she shared with 10Play following her elimination, adding that she pondered whether it was worth even continuing. 

“[In this cook] I was feeling very uneasy and super overwhelmed. I think those nerves got the better of me, I was too much in my head.”

(Credit: Channel Ten)

James Holmes

When tasked with plating up his “food dream” to the judges in a free-for-all creative challenge, British expat James Holmes failed to meet the mark with his squid dish which was described as “tough” and “undercooked” by the judges. 

Given his calamari with a parsley and tahini sauce was described as “one of the least impressive dishes” of the night by newcomer judge Poh Ling Yeow, it was no surprise that the 38-year-old became the first contestant to be eliminated from MasterChef Australia in 2024. 

“It has been a wonderful experience. It has been a privilege to be with these guys and cook in front of their watching eyes. And I would like to thank you for the opportunity, but also for the compassion with which you give us not-so-good news,” the aspiring restauranteur lamented before leaving the kitchen.

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