Your go-to guide to the current Neighbours cast

Some old faces were joined by fresh ones when the series returned to air in late 2023.
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For almost 40 years, Neighbours has been broadcast on television screens in Australia and abroad.

The long-running television soap opera has kickstarted the careers of countless big names (need we mention Kylie Minogue or Margot Robbie) and cemented itself as a mainstay in Australia’s cultural fabric.

neighbours cast
The current cast of Neighbours in 2024. (Credit: Channel Ten)

But across thousands of iconic episodes, and a rotating cast of characters who have all at one point called the fictional town of Erinsborough home, we understand that it can be hard to keep track of who all the new faces are on Ramsay Street in the rebooted series.

Fan favourites such as Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson), Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher), Ryan Moloney (Toadfish Rebecchi) and Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) have all returned, but there are also some fresh new faces to keep an eye on…

Who is in the Neighbours cast?

Chrishell will have a guest role on the series from July 2024. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Chrishell Stause

Character: Yasmine Shields

Matt (left) posing with former co-star Takaya who previously starred as David before departing Neighbours in early 2024. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Matt Wilson

Character: Aaron Brennan

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Georgie Stone

Character: Mackenzie Hargreaves

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Emerald Chan

Character: Sadie Rodwell

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Lloyd Will

Character: Sergeant Andrew Rodwell

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Candice Leask

Character: Wendy Rodwell

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Lucinda Armstrong-Hall

Character: Holly Hoyland

All smiles posing with Trevor the dog. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Shiv Palekar

Character: Haz Devkar

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Viva Bianca

Character: Chelsea Murphy

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Majella Davis

Character: Krista Sinclair

April poses on the left and Jodi on the right. (Credit: Channel Ten)

April Rose Pengilly & Jodi Gordon

Characters: Chloe Brennan and Elly Conway

James (second from the right) poses with his fictional family. (Credit: Channel Ten)

James Beaufort

Character: Felix Rodwell

Ian has acted on Neighbours on and off for the majority of its run. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Ian Smith

Character: Harold Bishop

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Stephan McIntosh

Character: Sky Mangel

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