Neighbours is back! Everything we know so far

Back to Ramsay Street we go!
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Neighbours is officially back!

The beloved Aussie soap will return to Channel 10 and Amazon Freevee in September 2023, just over a year after it officially ended. 

The exciting announcement was made on Thursday the 17th of November, 2022 delighting fans worldwide. 

Fremantle, the producers of the iconic Australian series, secured Prime Video and Amazon Freevee as their international streaming partner.

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How to watch the new season of Neighbours

Network 10, the home of Neighbours for over three decades, will retain first-run broadcast rights in Australia.

New episodes will premiere from Monday, September 18 at 4:30pm on Channel 10 and 6:30pm on 10 Peach and 10 Play. 

The revitalised series will also be available ad-free on Prime Video in Australia & New Zealand seven days following the free-to-air viewing of the new series, and exclusively on Prime Video in Canada.

UK and U.S. audiences can view the series free of charge on Amazon Freevee.

To steam Neighbours on-demand subscribe to Prime Video today while they have a 30-day FREE trial offer. 

We can’t wait to see these new and familiar faces on our screens! (Credit: Channel Ten)

When will the new Neighbours show be airing? 

The new chapter of Neighbours will begin airing from Monday, September 18th. 

Where is Neighbours being filmed?

It has been confirmed that the scenes shot on the iconic Ramsay Street have been filmed at the (very real) residential cul-de-sac called Pin Oak Court located in Vermont, Melbourne.

Chris is chuffed to be chosen as the new vocalist for the Neighbours theme song (Credit: Instagram)

Who is singing the Neighbours revival theme song?

“Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours, with a little understanding you can find the perfect blend…..”

It’s the iconic theme song to the beloved soap drama we all know and love. 

And with a new season fast approaching, the theme song has also been revived, with none other than season 10 The Voice Australia winner Chris Sebastian taking the lead on the vocals. 

“When I was told the Neighbours team were going to use my voice for the new season theme song, I was shocked and of course over the moon,” he said. 

“I have grown up with that soundtrack and I still can’t quite believe that this is real. Neighbours, we are all so glad you are back, it hasn’t been the same without our friends. I hope you guys love my version of the theme song as much as I loved recording it for you.”

The original theme song was sung by Barry Crocker but has also been recorded by the likes of Greg Hind, Paul Norton, Wendy Stapleton, Janine Mauder, Sandra De and Bonnie Anderson. 

Erinsborough awaits… (Credit: Ten)

Will the original cast be returning to Neighbours? 

A number of fan favourites are due to return, including Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kennedy, Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, and Ryan Moloney as Toadie Rebecchi.

Guy Pearce has also confirmed he will be making an “appearance or two” to reprise his role as Mike Young.

“There is so much for fans to look forward to,” Alan said of the new season. 

“New cast joining [the] established cast, amazing drama with incredible twists and turns. Audiences will be delivered a modern, diverse and exciting new series to enjoy!” 

(Credit: Instagram)

Also returning for the reboot is Georgie Stone who played Mackenzie Hargreaves, Rebekah Elmaloglou who played Terese Willis, Tim Kano as Leo Tanaka, Annie Jones, Lucinda Cowden as Melanie Pearson and Lucinda Armstrong-Hall as Holly Hoyland.

Three members from the Rodwell clan will also be returning to our screens including Emerald Chan as Sadie Rodwell, Lloyd Will as Sergeant Andrew Rodwell, and Candice Leask as Wendy Rodwell.

Channel 10 has also confirmed that April Rose Pengilly and Jodi Gordon will return to their roles as fan-favourite couple Chloe Brennan and Elly Conway respectively. While they’ll only return as extended guests on the reboot, April confessed she cannot wait to “continue their love story”.

Mischa will play an American who is new to Erinsborough (Credit: Channel Ten)

Fresh faces will also be making their way to Erinsborough. 

Harold’s is also under new management, with actor Shiv Palekar joining as Haz Devkar.

Hollywood’s Mischa Barton is also joining the cast as a guest star, playing Reese, on the reboot. 

“I’m excited to be part of this iconic show’s next chapter, and I am really looking forward to being back in Australia a place I know and love!” she said.

The Varga-Murphy family moves to Ramsay Street. (Credit: Supplied)

A new family has also moved to Ramsay Street. Network 10 announced the news that the show will be welcoming the Varga-Murphy family.

“Hailing from the other side of the city, the Varga-Murphy family initially take up residence temporarily, and it quickly becomes evident there is more to their arrival than meets the eye,” the network wrote.

Wives Cara and Remi (Sara West and Naomi Rukavina) and sons JJ (Riley Bryant) and Dex (Marley Williams) will make up the new family.

Sara West (Don’t Tell, Wakefield, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door), who plays Cara Varga-Murphy, said of her role: “I’m so honoured to be a part of the new Neighbours legacy and really looking forward to bringing the Varga-Murphy family to Australian and international screens.”

“Cara has a bold, impassioned love for her family and I love that her intentions have, so far, always been good. I hope having the Varga-Murphy’s on tele will help better reflect the beautiful LGBTQIA+ community that I’m proud to be a part of and I can’t wait to share the family with you!”

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Why did Neighbours originally end?

After nearly four decades on our screens, it was confirmed on 3rd March 2022 that the beloved soap was coming to an end.

The sad news was announced via the official Neighbours Twitter account.

“We are so sorry to say that after nearly 37 years and almost 9000 episodes broadcast we have to confirm that Neighbours will cease production in June,” the first Tweet in the series read.

The statement went on to explain the reasoning behind the axing.

“Following the loss of our key broadcast partner in the UK and despite an extensive search for alternative funding, we simply have no option but to rest the show.”

The Tweet continued by thanking the show’s “amazing” and “loyal” fans, while also promising to deliver an unforgettable finale.

“We know this is a huge disappointment, as it is to all of us on the team. We thank you for all your messages and support and promise to end the show on an incredible high. From here on, we are celebrating Neighbours.”

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