The Block star’s secret past on Married at First Sight revealed

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Fans of Married at First Sight might recognise a familiar face when tuning into The Block this season!

That’s right, new blockhead Eliza Paschke made an appearance on MAFS way back in 2018 as a bridesmaid at gal pal Carly Bowyer’s wedding. 

WATCH NOW: MAFS Carly Bowyer believes in love at first sight. Article continues after video. 

As part of Carly’s ‘grill squad’, Eliza was seen interrogating Carly’s groom Justin Fischer on season five of the smash hit reality show. 

Whilst Carly and Justin weren’t meant to be, Carly did go on to date fellow groom Troy Delmege for nine months before eventually calling it quits. 

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Nowadays Carly is dating normie Neil Goldsmith, and welcomed a baby of her own in December 2020. 

But back to Eliza! 

Did you tune into the podcast? (Credit: NOVA)

Eliza became friends with Carly after moving to Melbourne in 2009, the pair going on to host what Nova described as a “mortifyingly candid” dating podcast together – Finding A Unicorn. 

Whilst the pair acknowledged they weren’t relationship experts when the podcast first launched, they said they hoped their new project would provide “an outlet to vent about the digital dating world – the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

“It’s like AA for dating in the modern day, from swiping fatigue to DM sliding, ghosting, di** pics, and even the occasional success story!” 

From what we can tell, as of August 2023, the podcast has since been scrubbed from the internet! 

Carly made a brief appearance in season five of MAFS (Credit: Channel Nine)

This isn’t the first famous friend that Eliza has been connected to, the 37-year-old previously working as a personal assistant for funnymen Hamish Blake and Andy Lee. 

Sources tell New Idea that the Melburnian has “flirted with the spotlight” for years – and now she’s getting her chance to shine on her own!

Whilst it remains to be seen how if her connections will aid or hinder her auction day efforts on The Block, we are certain that Eliza is ready to give it her all on season nineteen of the fan-favourite reality renovation program. 

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