All the housemates who have been evicted from Big Brother Australia 2023

They've been left heartbroken and betrayed.
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15 sexy singles entered the Big Brother Australia house for 2023, but only one will exit with the cool $100,000 cash prize in their back pocket. 

Locked away from the world with just each other for company, nothing will be off limits as our housemates battle it out for victory, and against each other. 

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With more than 80 cameras, and microphones switched on 24/7, there’s nothing that our housemates can keep secret from viewers tuning in from home, and each other as they battle it out for the top spot, and fight the attraction they feel to one another. 

Ultimately, whilst Big Brother is encouraging our single housemates to mingle, with a life-changing cash prize on the line, it won’t just trust that’s broken come elimination time – hearts are sure to break as well. 

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Take it from Gold Logie award-winning host Sonia Kruger herself, who has hinted at “steamy alliances” and “heartbreaking betrayals” in the season to come.  

Scroll on to see everyone who has been eliminated from Big Brother: House of Love Australia 2023 so far…

Lewis (Credit: Channel Seven)


After turning his back on Gracie Mae to secure a cool $5,000 for himself, karma came for Lewis who was sent home in a surprising double elimination. 

Despite appearing safe as a result of his alliances, he was sent packing with Dion just short of the finale. 

“My eviction was a little bit of a shock. I wasn’t anticipating a double eviction tonight,” he shared with the camera, adding: “The sisters probably did a number on me and I’m sure Dion did as well.”

Dion (Credit: Channel Seven)


His onscreen antics kept us entertained all season long, but unfortunately for this larrikin, his time was cut short in the house after his housemates felt that his last emotional elimination plea was a manipulation tactic. 

“The reason why I thought I was evicted, comes down to the couples and not being in the alliance. There’s three guys in that house that have got a tight-knit bond, but I wasn’t a part of it,” he reflected after saying his goodbyes. 

Josh (Credit: Channel Seven)


He was ever so close to the final, but unfortunately for Josh Minee had other plans for him, and after winning her second challenge in a row, placed Josh up for elimination. 

And after successfully convincing beau Louis to turn his back on his best mate in the house, Josh was ultimately eliminated. 

“I wasn’t sure where Louis’ vote was gonna go, but his vote was towards me leaving and I’m hurt,” Josh told the camera after he was eliminated. 

“Obviously, he’s gone with Minee’s vote and it is what it is.”

Gracie Mae (Credit: Channel Seven)

Gracie Mae

Fans were devastated to see their fan favourite evicted from the Big Brother house. 

After being lucky enough to receive a second chance with fellow housemate Minee in a halfway house, poor Gracie Mae was left heartbroken by BFF Lewis who chose 5,000 over bringing her back. 

“Someone tell Big Brother I love him and it will be okay with me 💔,” Gracie Mae shared on her Instagram shortly after her onscreen eviction aired. 

“We will meet again someday BB, mark my words #justice4GMoney.”

Teejay (Credit: Channel Seven)


Bombshell intruder Teejay had a short, yet sweet time in the Big Brother house after receiving more votes for eviction than fellow nominees Taylah and Dion. 

“Wow, what a ride! Didn’t think I’d go out of this game in the morning with no underwear on, however extremely grateful for the opportunity and the friendships that I have made,” he shared on his Instagram shortly after his onscreen elimination aired.

Jake (Credit: Channel Seven)


For the third time, Jake was up for eviction, however, it wasn’t originally supposed to be him sent home.

Louis was trying to send Oli home, as he was the one whom his love interest Minee said she would be interested in if Louis wasn’t around.

Dion ended up flipping the vote by voting for Jake, even though he promised the boys he would vote for Oli.

Maddi-Rose (Credit: Instagram)


Intruder Maddi-Rose only just entered the villa with fellow intruder Oli on Friday, November 17.

After being nominated for eviction a week later, she voluntarily walked out of the Big Brother house.

Bella (Credit: Channel Seven)


Bella found herself up for eviction alongside Taylah and Jake, after narrowly losing out to Ari in an endurance-based challenge. 

Of the three nominees, Bella received the most votes and was sadly sent home. 

Luke (Credit: Channel Seven)


What goes around comes around, and for Luke, the bad karma Annelise sent his way after he played a part in her eviction came to fruition. 

In a shock double elimination which also saw Zac sent home, Luke received 10 votes from his fellow housemates who had struggled to get to know an insecure, and socially anxious Luke. 

Zach (Credit: Channel Seven)


Poor Zac would have been safe from eviction if it weren’t for the pesky double elimination host Sonia dropped on our housemates last minute. 

Whilst Luke received the lion share of the vote, Zach still had one vote to his name, and thus he was sent home. 

Annelise (Credit: Channel Seven)


Sadly for this blonde bombshell, her time in the Big Brother house came to an end, and not in the easiest of circumstances either!

After rejecting an infatuated Luke (who went on to win the challenge and select which housemates would be in the running for eviction), Annelise was placed on the chopping block and ultimately sent home, much to her anger and frustration. 

Anna Sophia (Credit: Channel Seven)

Anna Sophia

30-year-old luxury fashion worker Anna Sophia was the second housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house this season. 

Whilst the self-confessed “super fan” of the show doesn’t have any hard feelings for her housemates, she does believe she would have lasted longer in the game if it weren’t for the format change. 

“Big Brother does a spin every year and it is different so I guess I’ve gone into this year’s one. But it wasn’t what I expected,” she shared with Chattr after her onscreen elimination. 

Quan (Credit: Channel Seven)


As one of the older housemates of the season, Quan said she was keen to skip the small talk and get straight to the point. 

Unfortunately, however, she got “to the point” too late, failing to make the all too crucial connections with her housemates (especially Luke who won the power to nominate Quan, Zach, and Jack for eviction) before being booted from the Big Brother house – the first elimination of the season. 

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