EXCLUSIVE: Survivor eliminee Frankie reveals how rest of season will unfold

Plus, she unpacks her shock blindside.
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It wouldn’t be Survivor without an epic blindside or two, and the first tribal council of the season was no exception!

Unfortunately for Gold Coast-based business owner Frankie, her time in Samoa as part of the Titans tribe was cut short after her eager antics led to her torch being snuffed in episode one.

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Speaking with New Idea the morning after her shock onscreen elimination, she revealed that she was still coming to terms with how her game had played out. 

“You feel disappointed being first to go but someone has to be first to go.”

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According to Frankie, she initially expected that her physical strength and strong social skills would at least see her through to the second half of the game. 

“It’s so hard in the beginning because you’re just getting to know each other. It’s a lot to do with first impressions of people.”

Frankie was the first contestant to have her torch snuffed. (Credit: Channel 10)

She also shared with us that until tribal council, she was confident that the plan she and alliance member Nathan had concocted to blindside Jess would be successful. But from the moment she arrived, she noticed something was amiss rather quickly. 

“I started to realise that some of the people I chatted to were no longer looking at me. I had a feeling that something might be happening…”

“I was surprised that my name got thrown out so early because we had a team of very strong women, and I thought we would all band together, which they did, but just against me,” Frankie laughs. 

Ultimately, after observing Frankie and Nathan scheming, it was Eden who became their undoing, orchestrating the blindside against Frankie after growing concerned she was playing too strong, too soon. 

Frankie has shared that she was disappointed to be the first on the Titans tribe to go. (Credit: Channel Ten)

As for how she predicts the rest of the game will play out, the outspoken Titan says her former tribe needs to “figure out how to work as a team.”

She also thinks midwife Caroline will be one to watch as season 11 progresses.

“I think everyone should really pay attention to Caroline. She was such a mum, she gives you big hugs and looks after you. She’s got a very good social game on her and I think she’s got a lot to give.”

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