Perth workout craze wants you to lift your dog

Yet another fitness trend hits Australia and this time it involves your pet pooch

A slightly controversial but surprisingly popular workout class, called Unleashed Active, sees dog owners involve their canine companions in their fitness routines.

Think doga ­­­– yoga with your dog ­­– but with squats, lifting and shouting commands. 

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Kylie Walker, a Swanbourne-based veterinary nurse is behind the workout trend that has taken Perth by storm.

‘As a vet, I constantly have clients coming in, seeking a healthy eating plan for their dog, but struggling to find time to take them for a walk let alone exercise themselves,’ Walker told Perth Now about the inspiration for Unleashed Active.

Doga – yoga with your dog (Credit: Getty Images)

Of course, this isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ kind of class, the sessions take fitness levels, dog breed as well as beahaviour into account.

‘Activities for owners with smaller dogs can include using them as weights, so the owners hold them while doing squats. For bigger dogs, the owners will do squats until their dog responds to the command ‘sit’,’ Walker explained.

The sessions, which aim to improve the relationship between pet and owner, are available for groups up to six people plus dogs or in a one-on-one environment and range from $25 to $70.

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