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Well-groomed brows are the secret to looking younger for longer. But if you’re not genetically blessed with the perfect pair, getting those arches right can be tricky. 

New Idea spoke with Benefit Australia’s National Brow Artist, Hannah Terrett and founder of the Garbo & Kelly Collection and brow expert, Carolyn Fox who gave us these top tips in getting the best brows possible.

‘Brow shaping frames your face, brings balance to your features and polishes your overall appearance,’ Hannah says. As for the products, Carolyn agrees that ‘brow products are the most anti-ageing, youthful investment in your beauty bag’.

1. Measure

Carolyn: ‘The brow transformation technique I learned from Anastasia Soare (founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, who has worked on A-list celbs such as Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and the Kardashian-Jenner gang) is about knowing where and when the brow should start and finish but also understanding where your arch should be. Your brows start evenly between your eyes and finish at the side of your eye for a perfect profile.’

2. When applying product…

Hannah: ‘Always apply brow product to the lightest area of your brows first. This allows the heaviness of the first application to adhere to the lightest portion of the brow, keeping the shape and tone natural. Try flicking your wrist rather than moving your full arm. This gives a subtle application with buildable results. ‘

Carolyn: ‘Use a brow guide/stencil. They help take the guess work out for a quick, easy and defined application of brow powder, pencil or pomade.’

3. Don’t over tweeze

Carolyn: ‘Over tweezing or waxing usually results in the arch starting too soon and this is often from not measuring and balancing. Small brows also make the face look larger so avoid having brows that are too thin. Also, try tweezing with your brow powder applied to avoid over tweezing.’

4. If in doubt, leave it to the pros

Hannah: ‘Start by having a consultation with a qualified brow artist. This will build your knowledge on how to maintain your brows at home.’

Products to try:  

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From L-R: Benefit Gimme Brow, RRP $39 AUS; Benefit Ka- Brow!, RRP $42 AUS; Garbo & Kelly Brow Powder, RRP $38; Garbo & Kelly Brow Guides, RRP $29. (Credit: Benefit/Garbo & Kelly)

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