Vegemite and Taco Bell join forces with ‘Mitey G’ taco

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Fast-food chain Taco Bell has launched its most curious menu item yet – a vegemite taco. 

Since opening its first restaurant down under in Brisbane back in 2019, the Mexican mega-chain has released all manners of drool-worthy menu items. 

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But it’s the combination of the iconic Aussie pantry staple with classic taco fillings that has all of Australia in an uproar right now. 

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Appropriately named the ‘Mitey G’ – the limited edition release has been described by Taco Bell as “maybe the most Aussie Taco” ever, combining everything fans of the staple menu item The Cheesy G Taco know and love with the savoury spread. 

It’s the combination we never saw coming. (Credit: Supplied)

“Australia’s much-loved spread, Vegemite, turns, 100 years young on October 25 – so it’s fitting that Taco Bell’s most Aussie taco yet includes one of the nation’s most iconic food brands. We’re excited to see Aussies embrace this new and unique taco that tastes like Australia,” Matt Gray, General Manager of Marketing at BEGA Group said in an official press release. 

“At Taco Bell, we’re big on food that’s crunchy, cheesy and saucy. We love big, bold flavours. Adding Vegemite to our hugely popular Cheesy G Taco just makes sense. I’d say it is the perfect way to celebrate International Taco,” Andrew Howie, Chief Marketing Officer at Taco Bell Australia added. 

Filled to the brim with beef, the Mitey G is topped with Zesty Ranch sauce and cheese and comes in a warm, cheesy flatbread on the outside of the taco shell. 

Since 2019, Taco Bell have opened 40 stores in Australia. (Credit: Getty)

For those brave enough to try the Mitey G taco for themselves you’ll have to get in quick!

Released to celebrate International Taco Day on October 4th, the menu item is only available to purchase from Saturday, September 30 until Wednesday, October 4th. 

There are currently 40 Taco Bell stores nationwide in Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. 

The Mitey G is available to purchase for just $6.95 while stocks last. 

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