CONFIRMED: Big changes are coming for Vegemite

The beloved spread is embracing a whole new world - but some aren't happy
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Australians overseas and foreign Vegemite lovers can rejoice, with the news that the makers of the beloved spread are now shipping it globally – meaning you can have a taste of Australia in the UK, US and Canada.

This comes amid controversy over claims the product has changed in taste and texture since it recently became certified as Vegan-friendly.

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Vegemite, beloved by generations of Australians, is now readily and consistently available overseas for the first time, confirmed parent company Bega Cheese, which now offers international shipping for those who are missing the taste of home.

Vegemite Senior Marketing Manager Matt Gray says the move to international shipping is the result of increasing demand.

Vegemite – the taste of Australia (Credit: Getty)

‘We often hear from our Vege-mates who are looking to source Vegemite products overseas,’ Gray told News Corp. 

‘We have dialled up our Vegemite “Mitey Merchandise” online store offering to make Vegemite more accessible to our Vege-mates located across the world.’ 

Vegemite has gone through many changes (Credit: Getty)

The spread has been spottily available in stores throughout the world for some time now and is often seen on shelves in the UK and some more cosmopolitan parts of the US, where it has a following as a cooking ingredient. But it’s not as universally available as back home – creating a demand for shipping.

Hugh Jackman got Oprah Winfrey to taste Vegemite while she was Down Under (Credit: Getty)

The big move comes amid controversy over claims that Vegemite has recently changed as a result of its Vegan-friendly certification. Despite some consumers claiming the taste, consistency and even colour have changed, Bega Foods say this is not the case.

Matt Gray said in a statement, ‘Vegemite is made from natural ingredients, including yeast, therefore there can be fluctuations from time to time.

‘The Vegemite recipe that Australians know and love hasn’t changed. Vegemite continue to innovate, recently launching a gluten-free Vegemite product to ensure that all Australians can enjoy their favourite spread.’

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