Pringles launch fiery new flavours

Can you handle the heat?
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Pringles is sure to fire up the tastebuds of snack aficionados across the country with its latest release, comprised of two new smoking-hot flavours. 

These spicy new Pringles – Sizzlin’ Chipotle Sour Cream and Smokin’ Cajun Spice – are exclusive to Australia and New Zealand and were co-created with Michelin Star Chef Haikal Kohari, who crafted these bold flavours specifically for local tastebuds. 

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For those who prefer mild spice, the Sizzlin’ Chipotle Sour Cream Pringles offer snackers some excitement, with the smooth creamy sour notes balancing out the heat level. 

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But for those who crave the heat, the Smokin’ Cajun Spice Pringles are sure to get your heart racing with a mouthwatering mixture of spice with tangy citrus. 

Which new flavour will you be taste testing first? (Credit: Supplied)

Dan Bitti, Head of Pringles and Salty Snacks ANZ said the new Pringles flavours were a result of “18 months” of experimenting to get the “perfect balance of fire and flavour”

“Across Australia and New Zealand, chip lovers are asking for more interesting and spicy flavours, so Pringles are giving the people what they want with something more daring.”

“Whether you like snacks fiery or mild, the Smokin’ Cajun Spice and Sizzlin’ Chipotle Sour Cream flavours are both ‘a must try’, packing a punch of flavour and spice to get those taste buds popping.”

“We can’t wait for Pringles fans to try them and see if they can handle the heat!”

Pringles has all sorts of weird and whacky flavours available across the world (Credit: Getty)

If you’d like to put your tastebuds to the test with these flavoursome and fiery new Pringles flavours, you can purchase them from Coles today, and from Woolworths in mid-September.

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