The plant-based dupe that will save cheese board night

Healthy and delicious.
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There are few things we love more than a good old charcuterie board night, complete with mounds of delicious cheese, pâté’s, pastes and crackers as you gather with your nearest and dearest for a wine and possibly a gossip. 

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However if you’ve found that certain snacks don’t agree with you anymore such as gluten or dairy, or perhaps you’ve made the switch to plant based living – have no fear that your beloved cheese board night won’t ever be the same because there are now endless plant-based and allergy-friendly options on the market. 

We’ve seen the development of countless vegan cheeses widely available from supermarkets and delis instead of having to search and scour through specialty stores to find options that won’t upset our stomachs and are still delicious. 

No longer are cheeses the only plant-based or allergy friendly dupe but we are seeing more and more carefully developed alternatives like the new Rutherford & Meyer gluten-free and plant-based crackers that make the perfect addition to your next board. 

That’s why below we’re taking a look at the best plant based and allergy friendly dupes to take to your next cheese board night. 

The best plant-based cheese board alternatives to try

(Credit: Rutherford & Meyer)

Rutherford & Meyer Beetroot Cracker minis, $3 at Woolworths

(Credit: Sheese)

Sheese Mature Cheddar vegan block, $6.50 at Woolworths

(Credit: Rutherford & Meyer)

Rutherford & Meyer Chickpea Cracker minis, $3 at Woolworths

(Credit: Lauds)

Lauds Plant Based Smoked Oat Cheese, $12.95 at Doorstep Organics

(Credit: Made with Plants)

Made With Plants Meat Free Deli Style Pepperoni, $6 at Woolworths

(Credit: Botanical Cuisine)

Botanical Cuisine Pomegranate Mint macadamia feta, $19.95 at Doorstep Organics

(Credit: Pana Organic)

Pana Organic Mylk Golden Comb, $6 at Woolworths

(Credit: Lottie & Liv)

Lottie & Liv personalised acacia wood cheese board, $120 at Hardtofind

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