Oporto launches new healthy menu options

The 'Bondi Bowl' and 'Avo Bowl' bring the burger flavours without the buns.
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Oporto lovers, rejoice! Known for their signature Bondi Burger, the iconic Aussie food chain brings you the same great flavour, without the bun.

For those wanting a lighter meal option, Oporto now have your bases covered with their newly-released Bondi Bowl and Avo Bowl

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As their top-seller, the Bondi Burger has been reimagined in a deconstructed form. With the same original chilli sauce and chicken fillets, the bowl includes feel-good favourites like edamame, kale, and mixed lettuce leaves.

Oporto CEO Samantha Bragg spoke on their new release saying, “We are excited to add a whole new take on the iconic Bondi Burger. It’s a perfect bowl when you’re looking for a premium option with that famous Oporto chilli kick.”

Oporto’s new Bondi Bowl. (Credit: Supplied)

Joining their salad menu is the Avo Bowl! The vegetarian menu option, inspired by the Haloumi and Chicken Burger, combines grilled haloumi, mayo, lettuce, slaw, and tomato and capsicum relish. A veggie patty or chicken breast can also be added to round out the meal.

Oporto’s new Halloumi and Avo Bowl. (Credit: Supplied)

The two menu additions join the Pulled Chicken Bowl on Oporto’s newly-created salad menu. Considering its success over the Summer months, the food retailer has built out their foray into the feel-good market.

WATCH: Create your own salad bowl! Article continues after video.

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