The new Aldi dishwashing tablet hack that will clean your oven like never before

‘I took the dishwashing tablet advice and here we are! Clean glimmering oven door!!’

After weeks of busy cooking over the Christmas and New Year period, your oven is probably going to be in desperate need of a clean!Well you might want to try a new cleaning hack that’s getting rave reviews on Facebook – and all you need is one everyday item!

Sharing on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page, many members have revealed the amazing results they’ve achieved from cleaning their oven doors with dishwashing tablets. 

Mum Ellie shared her amazing transformation after scrubbing with a few of Aldi’s tablets – which cost as little as 14 cents each. 

She writes: ‘So I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve probably only cleaned my oven twice in the nearly 3 years we’ve lived here and both times I’ve given up because I just couldn’t get the grime off! I took the dishwashing tablet advice and here we are! Clean glimmering oven door!! 

(Image: Mums Who Clean/Facebook)
(Image: Mums Who Clean/Facebook)
(Image: Mums Who Clean/Facebook)
‘It did take about half an hour, and some elbow grease, but it definitely works! I just used the plain old Aldi tablets and I used I think 4 of them. There was a particularly stubborn spot in the bottom corner so I found breaking some up using sharper parts of the tablet worked to get it up.’Revealing her technique, Ellie adds: ‘I literally just got the dishwashing tablet, dampened it under the tap for 2 seconds, I had a damp cloth at the ready that i did squish some water out of just to have some water on the glass which seemed to make it easier to scrub having that bit of moisture. And i just scrubbed until the tablet wouldn’t do anymore then got a new one. It was incredibly simple and easy to do, just a bit of hard work.’And don’t forget, always wear rubber gloves to avoid harsh chemicals. The cleaning hack is proving very popular with the Facebook group’s members. ‘I did the dishwasher tablet too … it’s like bloody magic lol!’ said one. Added another: ‘I dissolve the tablet in a cup of boiling water first and use a sponge scourer to clean the glass – barely any scrubbing required and you only need to use one tablet … it’s so easy the grime basically slides right off!’Love it!

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