Maccas Milo McFlurry is melting away!

Time to make room in your freezer.
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The most Australian Maccas item is about to leave us next week, so you better buy a new freezer to stock up!

“We’re excited to confirm that the McFlurry made with MILO will be introduced to the menu later this year, for a limited time only,” a spokesperson broke the news to New Idea when we reached out for comment at the time. 

Don’t mind us as we buy out all the Milo McFlurry’s… 

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The announcement earlier this year came just days after promotional artwork for the upcoming product was leaked online by food blogger @nectoriouspapi who shared the artwork with his 50,000 followers on his Instagram feed and stories.  

Whilst Maccas themselves have not yet confirm how long the Milo McFlurry will be on the menu, the leaked promotional material he posted says it will disappear (hopefully not for good) on Tuesday, November 7th. 

“We hope customers enjoy the iconic and unbeatable pairing of Macca’s soft serve with Milo chocolate malt powder, for the taste and crunch you know and love,” a Maccas spokesperson revealed.

And enjoy it fans did, begging for the Milo McFlurry to stay on the McDonald’s menu permanently!

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These sweet dreams are the stuff of our dreams! (Credit: Instagram/Supplied)

This isn’t the first new McFlurry flavour launch of 2023, with the release of the Maltesers McFlurry in March. 

Consisting of McDonald’s iconic soft serve ice cream, rich chocolate sauce, and, of course, Maltesers, the McFlurry quickly became a fan favourite for Aussies looking to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. 

Whilst the Milo and Malteser McFlurry’s are both limited-time releases, one can hope they become permanent menu fixtures in the not-so-distant future – one can dream right? 

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