Iconic Aussie lolly makes a massive comeback with a twist

“There’s nothing like a Life Saver to take you back to childhood.”
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Prepare to take your tastebuds down memory lane with the comeback launch of the iconic Life Savers lolly, with a whole new range making its way onto shelves.

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For the first time in over 100 years, iconic Australian lolly Life Savers, which played a huge role in everyone’s childhood, is making its legendary comeback.

The classic confectionery favourite has unveiled a whole new range of lollies and chocolates, including Life Savers STIX Sherbert Fizz, jelly beans, gummy rings, and Darrell Lea Fruit Tingle chocolate block.

The launch is guaranteed to give all sweet tooths out there new ways to enjoy their all-time favourites, with the added nostalgia kick.

life savers
Life Savers has unveiled a whole new range of lollies and chocolates. (Credit: Supplied)

Those who enjoy a tingly hit can now go for the new Life Savers STIX Sherbert Fizz, which comes with soft and tangy raspberry or green apple flavoured tubes with a fizzy sherbert centre.

Sweetening the deal is the new Life Savers 5 Flavours Jelly Beans with the classic five flavours including juicy raspberry, pineapple, orange, watermelon, and blackcurrant.

There is also the Life Savers Gummy Rings Duo, designed to savour twice the flavour with chewy and delicious double duos of raspberry, pineapple, blackcurrant, orange, and watermelon.

life savers
The classic is back, but with a twist. (Credit: Supplied)

For those who prefer to indulge in something creamy and smooth, Life Savers has reinvented its classic Fruit Tingles with the new Life Savers Fruit Tingles & Raspberry Jellies Milk Chocolate Block.

Made with creamy Darrell Lea Milk Chocolate, this new block is packed with soft, chewy raspberry jellies, alongside crunchy and tingling Fruit Tingles.

Also joining the Life Savers family on shelves nationwide are Life Savers Blackcurrant Pastilles Bags, Fruit Pastilles Bags, Fruit Tingles Bags and Fruit Tingles Chocolate Balls.

As for those who fancy a walk down memory lane, they can simply opt for the original classics, like Life Savers Musk and on-the-go rolls range.

life savers
“Children and adults alike now get to enjoy a twist on the original.” (Credit: Supplied)

Aimee Cutajar, Senior Marketing Manager, at Life Savers said: “There’s nothing like a Life Saver to take you back to childhood.

“We know Life Savers serves a very special place in the hearts of generations of Aussies, and we hope that as we kick off a new century, children and adults alike now get to enjoy a twist on the original as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

The new Life Savers range is now available in leading supermarkets, including Coles, Woolworths and IGA nationwide, with all flavours retailing for $4.00.

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